Why You Should Learn Singing

Not everyone who learns singing aspires to be a professional singer, musician, music director, music composer or music teacher. However, these definitely career open to you if you want to pursue singing professionally.

Most people just love to sing because it makes them feel good. Did you know why this is so? Singing comes with a host of benefits. Let’s find out what they are.

Helps Improve Mental Wellbeing

Singing is considered cathartic by many as it helps you express your feelings and emotions through art. You can experience this when you sing along to sad or happy songs and they influence how you feel. It can help you focus on the positive and divert your attention from the day’s troubles. This is because singing reduces stress and gets you to relax. According to research, singing releases the tension in muscles and decreases the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, in your bloodstream.

Additionally, there are multiple psychological and emotional benefits of singing. Singing releases endorphins, the feel-good brain chemical responsible for making you happy and uplifted. In fact, scientists have found that in our ears is an organ known as the sacculus that responds to singing frequencies creating an instant pleasure reaction depending on what the singing sounds like.

Not only this, but singing also enhances one’s mental alertness. Researchers state that it does so by increased blood circulation and by enabling more oxygen to reach your brain. The Alzheimer’s Society believes that singing can help even those with dementia and Alzheimer’s to retain their memories. It has been found that singing is as effective for the brain as maybe solving a puzzle or sudoku. Especially, if you learn singing in a foreign language or foreign languages or learn new techniques of singing, it can sharpen your grey matter and keep dementia at bay.

Physically Benefits You

Often before starting you on your singing lessons, a singing teacher might make you stretch and relax your body. You might be made to roll your head, relax your spine and body muscles or sometimes even lay down and breathe deeply. This will not just energize and relax you but help improve your breathing as well. Thus, singing enables you to take better care of your body and health.

Moreover, when you sing, you stand up straight. This helps your body maintain better posture with your chest cavity expanded and your shoulders and back aligned. It has been found that singing can also prevent snoring and sleep apnea as it strengthens your palate and throat muscles and thus allows you to sleep better at night.

What’s more, singing according to the University of Frankfurt boosts your immunity and immune system. The study involved taking the blood test of professional choir members both before and after an hour-long performance of Mozart’s “Requiem”. It was found that the immune systems of most choir members functioned significantly better after singing than when they just listened to music.

Finally, singing is the ultimate workout for your lungs once you employ the proper singing techniques and vocal projections. Irrespective of whether you are disabled, injured or elderly, singing can still be an excellent workout for you. It helps build a stronger diaphragm, better oxygen circulation and greater stamina.

Enhances Your Social Life

Should you be feeling lonely, it’s time you connected with others through music and singing. As a singer, you are free to join church choirs, community choirs, theatre groups or even bands. As you can see, singing can help you widen your circle of acquaintances and friends. You can even go karaoke singing with them.

In addition, receiving praise for your performance from those who listen to you sing can also boost your confidence and self-belief. It gives you the confidence to perform in front of bigger groups should you want in future. Singing also enables you to appreciate other singers.

It is Cheaper than Learning an Instrument

Unlike in the case of learning a musical instrument where you need to buy the instrument, its accessories and scores of music, in case of singing, you don’t need any of these. All you spend on is on hiring a professional tutor and yet the cost is little in comparison.

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