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Music Pandit Site Information

What is Music Pandit?

Music Pandit is an online learning platform that provides music education for anyone who is looking for quality music training. Music Pandit provides well-organized live classes and pre-recorded courses on music in a systematic step-by-step, easy-to-learn manner. Music Pandit is based on a simple philosophy of teaching the concepts, techniques clearly so that students can eventually play or perform any song they wish!

Music Pandit’s offering includes Guided Video Lessons, Quizzes, Feedback from ‘Real’ Teachers and Musicians, Practice Routines and Certification. Get access to extensive content and choose the instrument you desire.

Who is Music Pandit for?

Music Pandit is for the following people:

  • Complete Beginners who don’t know where to begin
  • Intermediate level Musician/Player who have gaps in their Musical knowledge (coming soon)
  • Musicians who used to play/perform and would like to again (coming soon)
  • Any Musician who wants to advance their skills (coming soon)
What courses does Music Pandit offer?

Music Pandit offers Music Courses for several instruments including Guitar, Drums, Piano, Keyboard, Hindustani Vocals, Western Vocals with several more upcoming courses.

Is there an Age Criteria to take courses on Music Pandit?

We recommend a minimum starting age of 14+ years to adults, as the courses are designed for students who are able to learn by themselves. The courses are not intended for young children.

Working of Music Pandit

How does Music Pandit work?

Music Pandit is a product that comes from a team with decades of experience in the field of Music Education, Performance and Curriculum Development. With great video lesson content and pdfs to support, along with Practice Routines to help a student learn better. A student can set goals within the site to track progress and improve on certain aspects. And while learning, submit videos for feedback from evaluators and get personalized expert feedback. All this alongside a fun Social Forum to interact with your peers.

It’s an experience unlike any other!

What will you get from each course?

Each course is carefully structured to get a complete beginner student to be able to sing or play an instrument. The courses are constructed to teach you techniques and musical concepts along with fundamentals of music, understanding rhythm, note values, how to read basic music notation and playing.

  • Over 50+ hours of Video lessons with PDF Course Material (for Reference)
  • Quizzes & Assessments - Real Feedback from Real Certified Instructors
  • Extensive Content with Goal Setting feature and reminders.
  • Social Forum to interact with peers and sign up for Musical Challenges
  • Keeping track of your learning is easy by picking up where you left off
  • Organized, step-by-step approach to learning
Social - What is Music Pandit’s forum?

This space is used to communicate with other users and music fans alike. Here you can ask questions and get quick answers to your questions, share your music and take up challenges. A user can start a discussion by adding a new discussion add appropriate tags on the Forum.

The Forum has certain rules to ensure no one gets spammed, no advertising, no offensive material etc. Please ensure you follow the rules or you may get deactivated from the forum.

What is a Challenge?

The moderators and teachers will put up regular challenges based on various music related topics. These challenges will be tagged on instrument, level and difficulty. You can choose to take part and join in with the community.

The winner of the challenge gets points that can be redeemed towards unlocking Music Trivia Cards.

What is a Feedback?

An active student can submit a video recording of the lesson they are learning. A certified teacher will evaluate and send a report with score, tips and comments. This feature will help and guide a student to learn better. A feedback once submitted will be evaluated within 24hrs and the student will receive a detailed report.

What are suggested videos of a Feedback?

After every feedback video is evaluated, a student will receive a few videos on how to improve certain aspects (i.e techniques, music theory, or a concept). These videos will be short informative tips on how to improve your skill.

What are Trivia cards? How can I collect them?

These cards are Collectables and contain Trivia of some of the most famous songs, well known musicians and bands.

Reward Points - How do I earn them?

By completing courses, accepting and winning challenges, getting good feedback and participating in the Forum - a student can earn points. These points can be used to unlock and collect various Trivia Cards. Cards can be purchased only with points earned within the site.

*Please note, points earned in a month are valid only till the end of that month. Points cannot be carried over to the next month, so make sure you spend them on trivia cards that you like.

What are Practice Routines? Why are they important?

These are videos or instructions to practice while learning with Music Pandit. We highly recommend all students utilise these practice video and play or sing along with them to improve technique and control. Practice Routines are designed with exactly what you need to practice so you don’t need to figure it out yourself.

We have found that regular practice on your instrument or while singing makes a huge impact on learning music.

What are Course playlists and how do they Benefit me?

Each course has a custom playlist to assist students to learn better by listening to music related to the course. For instance, the songs in the playlist can be attempted by beginner students as they are not very complex and can be played or sung using techniques learnt in the course.

The songs have been specially selected as they encompass the techniques and skills that are being taught in that course. By listening to various artists and bands a student is exposed to different styles of genres, techniques and cultures. Apart from course specific playlists, there is a general playlist that is updated on a regular basis.

Which Instrument should you purchase as a Beginner student?
  1. For a beginner in drums, we would recommend the following items:
    • Drum Sticks– We recommend using sizes 7A drum sticks. (Recommended brands: Vic Firth Nova, Zildjian, Pro Mark)
    • Practice pads for hands– 12-inch size. Recommended brands: Muman, Zildjian, Vic Firth, Stagg (preferably purchase a practice pad that comes with a stand, if not please purchase a snare stand or a good strong stool to keep it on). This is very essential for a drum student to practice.
    • Bass drum Practice pads (for feet)– Recommended brands: Mapex Falcon POP1000, Pearl BD10 (you will need to purchase pedals additionally – Recommended brands: Stagg PP50, TAMA HP30, Basix PD800)
  2. For a beginner in guitar, we would recommend the following:
    • Type– Acoustic Guitar, you can also purchase an electric guitar but that would also require an amplifier and/or cables.
    • Brands– Pluto, Granada, Yamaha, Fender (based on your budget)
    • Size – Full size
    • Preferable model is Yamaha F310 (Acoustic)
    • Additional Items– Plectrums (at least 10) and a clip-on tuner (to tune the guitar)
  3. For a beginner in keyboard/piano, we would recommend the following beginner level keyboard(s) (61-key):
    • We recommend the Casio CTK 4400, Yamaha I455, Yamaha PSR E453 or Yamaha PSR E353
    • The two main criteria to look for in the keyboard is that it must have 61 keys and Touch Response.
    • Touch Response (Sensitive) means that the keyboard should sound loud if you play it with force whereas if you play it softly, the sound should be less – essentially, it responds to finger touch and how much pressure you put on the keys.
How do I get a Certificate for a course? What is the criteria to get a Certificate?

Certificates are available for every course, criteria to avail your certificate :

  1. Must have 100% completion on the course materials (video lessons, quizzes, practice routines). This is tracked as you progress, there is a visual indicator to show the % of course completion in every course.
  2. Must complete and score 70% or more on the last feedback of the course.

Student Account Information

What is a Student Profile?

General information of a user can be viewed and edited including Name, Email ID etc. A user can view all certificates* achieved for courses and a list of completed course. At the student profile you can also view points earned and trivia cards.

*While entering student name on sign up, we recommend students use the name they prefer on their Certificates.

Can other students view my profile?

Only if you choose to do so. You can set your profile either as Private or Public. This option is available at the ‘My Profile’ page.

Is Music Pandit an Accredited Institution?

Music Pandit offers World-Class music curriculum with internationally recognised methodologies taught by established and passionate musicians. Successful completion of any Music Pandit course comes with a Certificate of Completion. Certificates can be saved as a .pdf or .jpg file so that you can easily share your accomplishment.

Music Pandit is an independent entity and is not currently affiliated to any institution or government body.


What Packages does Music Pandit have? What are their features?

Music Pandit currently offers the Rockstar Plan; it's features include:

  • Online Video Lessons - that you can watch and re-watch anytime you wish.
  • Practice Routines - so that you always know what to practice. Better practice means that you develop skills faster!
  • Personalised Support & Guidance - from our Qualified instructors through our feedback system.
  • Backing Tracks - these are ‘play along’ tracks of songs, so you can have fun while you learn!
  • Student Community - this is our musical community forum, where you can ask questions and discuss music.
  • One Subscription for All Courses - so that you don’t need to choose straight away.
  • Inbuilt Goal Tracker - to set your goals based on your teacher’s input.
  • Quizzes - to help you revise what you just learnt.
  • Certification - Complete the course, clear the last feedback and earn a Certificate, so that you can show-off your hard earned Credentials to everyone!
What Subscriptions does Music Pandit have?

Music Pandit works on a subscription model - Monthly, Quarterly and Annual. You can choose the most convenient option for you. Once a student subscribes they will have access to all instrument courses currently offered.

Can I try the Website before subscribing?

We offer a demo version of the site, here you can start a trial of a course, you will be able to use it for 7 days (one week!), on the 8th day the site will ask you to subscribe to continue learning.

To start a free trial, all you need to do is:

  1. Log into your Music Pandit and Register as a User
  2. Enter your Payment Options
  3. Click on the ‘Start Demo’ Button
What are Onboarding Questions?

You will be asked a few questions when you sign up for Music Pandit. This will help us understand what course you are keen to learn, get to know you better and in return, provide you with relevant content and experience. We hope to guide you in your music learning journey, with great content, tips, practice material and a platform to reach your musical goals!

How do I view my Subscription Pack?

You can access your subscription pack from the dashboard - my profile popup - choose manage subscription.

Can I change my subscription pack?

Yes, you can do this by going to manage subscription page.

Technical Issues

I am having trouble logging in.

Make sure you are connected to the internet and using the latest updated web browser, we recommend using chrome, firefox, safari or microsoft edge. Clear your caches and try again.

If you are still having an issue with logging in please take a screenshot of the issue and send it to us with your registered email ID at support@musicpandit.com and our team will help resolve it at the earliest.

I purchased a subscription pack and its not reflecting.

If you have purchased a pack recently, kindly wait for a few minutes for the system to update. If this is still not rectified please send us your details (name, instrument, date of purchase and mode of payment). Send us screenshots of your purchase to support@musicpandit.com along with your registered email ID and our team will help resolve it at the earliest.

Video is not playing/working.

If you're experiencing any sort of video playback issues, you'll need to ensure that your browser is updated and that its cache is cleared.

We generally recommend using the most up-to-date Google Chrome browser for optimum viewing.

If this is still not working for you, please take a screenshot of the issue and send it to us with your information to support@musicpandit.com along with your registered email ID and our team will help resolve it at the earliest.

Can’t find your issue here?

Please write to us at support@musicpandit.com (along with relevant screenshots and your registered email ID) and tell us what’s wrong, our team will look into the issue and help resolve it at the earliest.

Music Pandit is an online music school. Choose from our (LIVE) online music classes for kids or pre-recorded online music courses for adults. We make it easier to learn music for beginners with our professional instructors, methodology, resources, and technology that is designed to offer quality music training.

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