Music Pandit - Fees and Payment Policy

Music Pandit School is dedicated to maintaining careful management of its finances. We have adopted the below policies covering the payment of fees and other related financial issues. We appreciate parents’ cooperation in assisting the music school in meeting its financial obligations in a timely manner.

  1. Introduction –  Music Pandit has contracted with Razorpay to provide student account e-commerce services. This includes electronic issuance of account statements and the ability to make payments online by a bank account, credit/debit card, or foreign currency. Music Pandit school also gives parents the ability to participate in a customised payment plan and a view of recent activity.
    1. We allow parents or other authorized users to access and make payments via a link sent to their desired or registered email addresses or phone numbers.
    2. School fees are always due on or before the start of the current course duration and are non-refundable.
    3. Parents have to pay the full fee for 6 months course. Once the payment is made students will have access to the course for the paid months.
    4. The course material will be made available to students only after payment of the fees.
    5. Important dates are published online and displayed on the student’s dashboard in advance for all interested parties to view and note.
  2. Aims and Objectives
    1. The aim of this policy is to ensure a robust, non-discriminatory and fair approach to the method by which we communicate with parents.
    2. The objective of this policy is to ensure there is consistency in terms of approach and methodology. It is imperative that a standard process exists and that all involved are aware of this.

  3. Payment of Fees

    1. Parents agree to pay the fees applicable to each course directly to the school through Razorpay (our online payment gateway partner) – or any such payment gateway partner we integrate with us in the future.

    2. Fees for each term are due and payable before the commencement of the classes to which they relate. If an item on the fees invoice is under query, the ‘undisputed’ balance of that fees invoice must be paid.

    3. For the online term since 2019, cash payments are no longer accepted at Music Pandit school to pay course fees. Accepted payment methods for fees will now include online bank transfer or payment via debit/credit card, and UPI.

    4. We will send invoices and payment reminders, but it is the family’s responsibility to be aware of all due dates.

    5. Statements are usually sent out monthly and must be checked for discrepancies. Queries should be lodged within 30 days, otherwise, information appearing on statements will be deemed correct.

    6. Any agreements (payment plans) will be confirmed in writing by both parties.

  4. Refund or Waiver of School Fees
    1. Please understand that once the fees are paid, they are not refundable.
    2. Music Pandit reserves the right to submit or cancel student account refunds at any time and without notice to the student.

  5. Cancellation Policy
    1. If a customer wishes to cancel a confirmed enrollment made via the Site or the Application, either prior to or after commencement of the Course, the company is not liable to make any refunds.
    2. If Music Pandit cancels a confirmed enrolment made via the Site, Services, and Application, Music Pandit will refund the Course Fees paid by the customer for such enrolment to the applicable customer pursuant to the Payments Terms which shall not exceed the total amount paid by the customer.
  6. Fee Changes

    1. Fees are reviewed annually and are subject to increase from time to time.

    2. Parents will receive notifications before the end of the existing term if there are any changes in the fee structure.

  7. Information About Fees

    1. All students are responsible for tuition and fees associated with their registered courses. Failure to attend or properly withdraw does not release the student from this financial obligation.

    2. The parents also consent to the School informing any other school or educational establishment to which the pupil is to be transferred if any Fees of this School are unpaid.

    3. Invoices are usually sent out after the payment of the fees. They must be checked for any discrepancies. Queries need to be lodged within 30 days, otherwise, information appearing on statements will be deemed correct.

    4. Appropriate due diligence checks on payments made to the school will be made at periodic intervals.

  8. Additional Payments

    1. Non-Official Activities – In addition to official school activities, Music Pandit through its affiliation allows students to take up certification exams from international music institutes such as Trinity College of Music, London | Rockschool, UK. The charges for these exams are not covered by school fees and require additional payment from the parents of participating pupils. Non-official activities can include any paid special workshop or special performance event.

    2. Parents agree to these costs via specific notifications and/or general communication stating the reason for these activities as and when they occur.

    3. The school reserves the right to review any involvement in school activities which are considered non-official or not part of the formal curriculum.

    4. Parents would be required to pay Music Pandit to attend any special workshop or special performance event that is outside of the course activities. Music Pandit will provide notifications and/or general communication stating the schedule for these activities and how students can secure a seat for them.

  9. Indemnity

    1. The parents shall indemnify the School against all losses, expenses (including legal expenses) and interest suffered or incurred by the School if the School is required to repay all or part of any sum paid to it by a third-party credit provider on behalf of the Parents.

    2. In the event that the School instructs its attorneys to take legal steps to enforce any of the School’s rights, the Parents will become liable for and shall pay such collection charges and any legal costs on an attorney and client scale, which shall be lawfully charged by its attorneys.

  10. Contact Details
    1. Questions regarding billing should be directed to the Admin at
    2. Please direct any questions you may have to the Admin at +91-9686880340, or via email to