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Get started with the best online guitar class from qualified instructors. Learn guitar online with fun lessons, student activities, workshops, and more.

Online Guitar Classes

Music Pandit is the right place to start learning guitar online. With a school-like setup, and our combination of a progressive pedagogy, instructors, and technology, we ensure that every child loves learning music with us.

Our curriculum is thoughtfully created with a blend of games, concepts, and practice to ensure children love learning to play the guitar. Our instructors are selected carefully and further trained to deliver the same experience as an offline session. Finally, our technology allows our students to access their learning materials, class links, games and so much more in just one place making it a seamless learning experience.

Join Music Pandit so your child will LOVE learning to play the guitar.

The Music Pandit Advantage

  • Step-by-step, curated guitar lessons.
  • Professional teachers who want to see their students succeed.
  • One platform to access the complete guitar learning material.
  • Student-teacher activities for more interactive and engaging classes.
  • Regular assignments, practice routines, and collaborative projects.
  • Regular performance exposure and recitals.
  • Workshops, artist interactions, masterclasses, and music appreciation sessions.
  • Regular student feedback and PTMs for progress update.
  • Start playing music pieces and songs in no time.

Guitar Beginner Course Details

About Online Guitar Class:

Our Fundamental course is a great starting point for beginners. From helping students select the right instrument, getting comfortable with their instrument, understanding basic music theory, and getting performance ready – our course has it all.


●       Age 8 years and above.

●       Instrument (Acoustic guitar).

●       Interest in music and learning guitar skills.

Topics Covered:

●       Guitar Anatomy, Posture, Tuning

●       Reading Guitar Tabs

●       Understanding Pitch, Dynamics, and Articulations

●       Beat and Rhythm Dictation over Metronome

●       Scales, Melody, Chords, Harmony, Strumming Patterns


Learning Outcomes:

With our fun, easy-to-understand, and interactive classes, students will:

●       Know the anatomy of the guitar and types of guitars.

●       Develop the right techniques to play the guitar.

●       Understand what pitch, melody, beats, bars, and rhythm is.

●       Learn and apply the concept of chords and scales.

●       Play popular strumming patterns.

●       Read and play the guitar using Tabs.

●       Perform songs from Trinity/Rockschool music exam syllabus.

What students get:

●       INR 20,339 (plus GST) for 48 sessions of 45 minutes

●       2 classes per week

●       Weekly feedback

●       Monthly PTMs

●       Workshops & performances

●       Recital | Award Ceremony

●       Learn exam Curriculum-based songs + Bonus songs.

●       Music exams by Trinity College of Music, London OR Rockschool, UK

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Upcoming batches

Guitar Classes

For 8 to 9 year olds

28 March


Tues & Fri
5:00PM – 5:45PM


Priya Kothuru
    Priya Kothuru

    Parent of Guitar student

    My son had taken a break and we were going around to find classes during the pandemic time. It’s a smooth transition from offline to online training for my son. He is very happy and thanks the team for helping my son to play the instrument better and also preparing him for Rockschool exams. Thank you, Music Pandit!

    Shelma Fernandes
      Shelma Fernandes

      Parent of Western Vocals and Guitar student

      Our experience with Music Pandit has been great. They have very good and friendly teachers. My kids enjoy their lessons thoroughly and look forward to more. It's a great platform for students who wish to be good musicians!

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      We've answers

      Yes, it is possible to learn guitar online, especially from music schools that offer the right teaching methodology and access to well-developed learning materials. Besides, taking online guitar lessons is a great way to use your free time and learn to play the instrument as well as develop your creativity. Classes at Music Pandit are conducted in a group, which makes it more fun, and lessons are taught live via our online platform by qualified tutors.