Benefits of Online Music Classes for Kids


Confidence Booster

Learning music allows you to put yourself in a situation where you will need to perform for an audience. As you pull off that performance, you will feel satisfied and gain higher confidence.


Better Teamwork and Social Skills

Children who take part in music gain a higher understanding of themselves and others. Learning music encourages children to develop teamwork and achieve a goal together. It also gives them an opportunity to form new friendships and socialise with others.


Enhanced Brain Function

The direct impact of music learning is it enhances brain function in children. When children learn to play an instrument, sing or just listen to music it results in the stimulation of the brain.


Music Helps in Academic Success

Music wires a child brain to help him better understand subjects like Maths. When you learn rhythm and beat in music you are basically learning about ratios, fractions and proportions.


Discipline and Achievement

Those who study music learn to be disciplined. They develop goals, follow a strict training routine and are set on overcoming challenges. Also, mastering a new piece of music leads to a sense of achievement.


Music Enhances Creativity

In addition to understanding the theory and playing an instrument music learning helps in opening up your perception and expressing yourself in new ways. Compose a song, improvise solos and get more creative.

What are Music Pandit's Advantages?

  • Get 2 classes/week, music workshops, performance opportunities and more.
  • Engaging lessons to ensure a balance between learning concepts and performing.
  • For beginner to advanced levels.
  • Experienced and certified instructors.
  • Access to various support materials for offline practice.
  • International level music curriculum.
  • Learning that is both performance and exam-oriented.
  • Workshops by maestros and popular artists for specialised learning.
  • Monthly student performances to build confidence and interaction.
  • Bi-annual recitals and level-wise examination and certification.

To know more about our live music class offerings, click below:


Guitar Classes

Are you ready to start your guitar journey? Then this class is for you! Grasp all the fundamentals needed to start playing the guitar. We have designed an easy approach to get you playing quickly, through a combination of getting-to-know-your-instrument sessions, basic music theory and performance techniques.


Western Vocals Classes

Have you always wanted to sharpen those vocal skills? Learn from our experts and create a memorable journey to find out what really works best for you. With our vocal coaches, you will be in good hands.


Keyboard Classes

Gain a command of music theory, harmony, arranging, orchestration, ear training, and the mechanics of playing the keyboard skillfully and creatively. Learn about hand control and how to create magic with your fingertips.

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Founder's Message

We are brought together by our love for music and excellence in everything we do. Our team comes with decades of cumulative experience in teaching music, music curriculum development and music performance.

We are passionate about teaching music the right way while making sure our students find it engaging and fun! We believe music education is only part of the equation – Music is a combination of learning the basics, performing, and creating your own music. Hence, our approach to music is structured in that way.

Serah John, CEO, Music Pandit

"Our idea was to make music education accessible to everyone in the world, wherever you are from. No one should be denied a chance to express themselves through music and perform their favourite songs."

Serah John, Founder, Music Pandit

MBA | Western Vocal Musician

Sherin Winstent, COO, Music Pandit

"Growing up, when I wanted to learn, it was not so easy for me to find good courses or teachers. Even if I found someone it was either too expensive, too difficult or a long process. I always thought that there has to be a better way."

Sherin Winstent, Founder, Music Pandit

Guitar Instructor & MBA, UK


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