A Premium Guitar course based on Learning Songs! A fun, interactive, step-by-step course designed for the Beginner

We offer 2 Courses for Guitar
  1. Bollywood (Hindi) Songs Based or
  2. English Songs Based
Who can start these courses?

Complete Beginners in Guitar who want to learn to play your Favourite Bollywood/English songs.

SONGS you will learn:
  • Bollywood (Hindi) Songs - ‘Tanha Dil’, ‘Panni Da’, ‘Bekhayali’ and a whole lot more! (Like we said, at the end of the course you should be able to play 100+ Hindi Songs)
  • English Songs - ‘Radioactive’, ‘Let it Be’, ‘Boulevard of Broken Dream’ and a whole lot more!(Like we said, at the end of the course you should be able to play 100+ English Songs)
Requirements for the Course:
  • A Guitar
  • A Plectrum (or a Pick)
  • A Guitar Tuner (Clip on) or Tuner App (free Apps are available)
  • A Capo (Clip on)
  • A Metronome App (free Apps are available)
  • Time to Practice
This Course contains :
  • Over 50+ hours of Online Video lessons
  • Feedback & Support from Real Instructors
  • PDF Course Material (Reference)
  • Quizzes & Assessments
  • Extensive Content with Goals Setting. feature
  • Social Forum to interact with peers and sign up for Musical Challenges
  • Keeping track of your learning is easy by the ‘pick up where you left off’ feature
  • Organized, step-by-step approach to learning

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You will learn :
  • Basics of Guitar - How to Tune your Guitar, Posture, Finger positions and techniques
  • Learn 100+ Songs (Bollywood or English based on the course) in just 12 Weeks!
  • Fundamentals of Music - Understanding the parts of music, Note Values, How to read basic Music Notation
  • Chords Structures - Easy Chord Progressions used in a lot of Popular Songs
  • Strumming Patterns - Most Common Progressions used in most of the Popular Songs
  • Applying Techniques to numerous Songs & well planned Practice Routines
Description :

Always wanted to learn to play your favorite songs on the Guitar?

We offer 2 unique courses for Guitar, one for Bollywood(Hindi) Songs and other for English Songs. In these courses, you will learn the basics of Guitar and focus on learning chords, strumming patterns and understanding rhythm while learning and applying it to popular and fun songs. With the skills taught in this course, you can play over 200+ Bollywood/English songs by the end of it. You also have quizzes, practice routines, and teacher feedback to help you learn your favorite instrument!