About Us
Music Pandit is created by a group of people brought together by their love for music and desire to offer a platform that delivers the best Music Learning experience. The company’s top team comes with over a century of collective experience in delivering Music Education, Music Teaching Methodology, Music Curriculum Development, Music Performance and more.

Music Pandit is an online platform that provides Music Learning for anyone (we recommend a minimum starting age of 12+ years) who is looking for quality Music Training.

With Music Pandit, learn from our Collection of Songs from our Song Library or our detailed step-by-step courses. With our courses, Music Pandit’s philosophy is to teach concepts, techniques used in songs in such a manner that students can eventually play their favourite songs and keep learning new songs by themselves in the future.

Music Pandit brings you the best and the most effective way to learn music with a complete 360-degree approach to learning music.

Music Pandit offers Personalised feedback from our Music Pandits, curated step-by-step lessons, extensive content - you can choose multiple instruments, carefully organised Practice routines, a Musical Community, Creative Challenges, Goal setting and so much more – so you can learn anytime, anywhere at your pace!

Music Pandit is a subsidiary of BlueTimbre Music Pvt Ltd based out of Bangalore, India.
Our ValuesWe believe in the following values:
There is nothing more important than our people. We want to be the best workplace in our employee’s career. We want people from all backgrounds, ages, cultures and ideologies to enhance our melting pot of music.
Music is our passion and our sole purpose. Nothing will deviate us from this.
We learn and develop new methods every day for our students, musicians and educators to perform, learn, connect, and interact with one another.
We believe in keeping our promises and doing the right thing. There are no grey areas in integrity.
Delivering quality in teaching, performance, creating music, musical experience and everything else that we do.