Unlock a world of musical discovery with fresh tunes and artists from all over the world.

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Calling all music students! Expand your repertoire and find inspiration with our curated song playlists spanning different genres, instruments, and styles

Guitar Songs Playlist

For guitar we’ve hand-picked some of the popular songs from some of the world’s biggest artists across a diverse range of genres to provide students with an expansive song choice to listen. Take your guitar skills to new heights with songs spanning rock, metal, classical, and more.

Western Vocal Songs Playlist

Discover new vocal songs and artists from the Western canon of classical, musical theater, and contemporary styles. It’s a great way for listeners to enjoy the beauty and energy of outstanding voices from various genres of Western music.

Hindustani Vocal Popular Songs Playlist

This playlist is a fun and engaging introduction to the vibrant world of Hindustani vocal music for young music enthusiasts. Through these songs, kids can develop an appreciation for the rich heritage of Indian music. All in all, this playlist serves as a fun and educational resource for music students to explore the world of Hindustani vocal music and ignite their love for this art form.

Ukulele Songs Playlist

This Ukulele Songs Playlist is a fun-filled journey into the joyful world of the ukulele. With its bright, cheerful tones and easy-to-play nature, the ukulele is the perfect instrument for kids to learn and enjoy. So, grab your ukulele, sing along, and let this playlist fill you with musical joy and inspiration!