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Music Pandit’s online keyboard class is the perfect starting point for beginners. Get access to top keyboard teachers and easily learn keyboard online from home. (For kids aged between 6 to 16 years.)

Learn Keyboard Online

Music Pandit’s online keyboard class is the perfect starting point for children and beginners who are interested in music and want to learn the keyboard. In our classes, we help students explore the joys of playing this versatile and impressive instrument. Our focus is on theory, melodies, ensembles, and song learning. Students will become well-rounded players by the end of this course.

At Music Pandit School, our keyboard teachers have also developed a super-fun curriculum with the help of games, trivia, and interesting engaging exercises. Our students learn to play popular songs while implementing basic concepts and skills like finger placement, rhythm, scales, tones, and pedalling, amongst others.

Music Pandit inspires our students to LOVE playing the keyboard.

The Music Pandit Advantage

  • Professional and experienced teachers.
  • Organised and level-wise lessons.
  • Direct access to real teachers.
  • Regular progress tracking and feedback.
  • On-screen assignments and scheduled practice routines.
  • Teacher-led workouts to keep students inspired.
  • Video lessons so that students can practise anywhere, anytime.
  • Artist workshops, masterclasses, and award ceremonies.
  • Small group keyboard classes for better learning.

Keyboard Beginner Course Details

About the Keyboard Initial Course:

The online keyboard classes, crafted by our expert keyboard instructors, will help your little ones start their musical journey on the right foot. This course will help kids build adept keyboard-playing skills and a robust foundation for different graded music exams.

  • Age 6 years and above.
  • Instrument (Keyboard).
  • Interest in music and learning keyboard.
Topics Covered:
  • Fluency in Note Reading
  • Major Scales, Arpeggios, Chords
  • Intervals and Key Signatures, Dynamics, Time Signatures and Music Directions
  • Finger exercises, Ear training, Sight reading, Improvisation.
  • Tips and Tricks for Live Performance Method
  • Left Hand Accompaniment Method
  • Song Learning and Song Composition
Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, student will:

  • Develop fundamental skills: Posture, proper hand-hand and hand-eye coordination, finger flexibility.
  • Fluently read a piece of music using sheet music.
  • Identify the notes on the keyboard and create rhythms using said notes.
  • Learn, practise, and perform a variety of musical genres and styles.
  • Naturally pick up the various nuances of the keyboard.
  • Develop their understanding of major scales and relative chords.
  • Get introduced to fundamental techniques with music theory along with appropriate songs.
  • Prepare for an in-house debut grade level exam or Trinity/Rock School debut level practical exam.
  • Composition of simple melodies in both hands.
  • Perform live. Emphasis on performance skills: dynamics, articulation, musical interpretation.
What Students Get:
  • Classes, Performances and Workshops
  • Weekly Feedback and Regular PTMs
  • Assessments and Certification
  • Learn Exam Curriculum-based Songs + Bonus songs
  • Music exams by Trinity College of Music, London OR Rockschool, UK

Class Options:

  • 2 class per week for 45 mins (6 months) or
  • 1 class per week for 60 mins (9 months)


  • INR 24,000 (inclusive of GST)

About the Keyboard Level 1 Course:

The Keyboard Level 1 course is designed to introduce beginners to the next level of keyboard playing. This course focuses on developing better keyboard skills and techniques, providing a solid foundation for further progression.

Throughout the course, students will learn essential concepts and gain proficiency in locating and playing individual notes. The curriculum typically includes exercises and practice drills to improve finger coordination, agility, and independence. Students will be introduced to basic music theory, including note reading, rhythm, and dynamics, enabling them to play simple melodies and chords.

Also The technical work section assesses technical skills like scales, arpeggios, and chords. Supporting tests evaluate aural skills, sight-reading, and general musical knowledge through exercises such as clapping rhythms, identifying intervals, and sight-reading short musical passages.

  • Age 6 years and above.
  • Instrument (Keyboard).
  • Finished Keyboard Fundamentals Course OR have mastered the keyboard beginner level skills and have since acquired greater use of technique, rhythms, coordination and musical understanding.
  • Interest in music and learning keyboard.
Topics Covered:
  • Proper Hand Positioning and Techniques 
  • Keyboard Fluency, Coordination Exercises, Hand Independence.
  • Learn and Utilise Various Features and Functions of Keyboard Technology
  • Key Signatures and 16th Note Rhythm Division
  • Circle of Fifths
  • Dynamics, Phrasing, and Musical Interpretation
  • Technical Exercises, Sight-reading, and Aural Skills
  • Minor Scales, Arpeggios and Chords
  • Extensive Coverage of Octaves for Easy Navigation
  • Seventh Chords
  • Performance Pieces from ROCKSCHOOL and TRINITY “Grade 1”
  • Bonus Songs For Performance
Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the Keyboard Level 1 course, students should be able to comfortably navigate the keyboard, play basic songs, and have a solid understanding of foundational musical concepts. This course serves as a stepping stone for further keyboard learning, allowing students to progress to more advanced techniques and repertoire in subsequent levels.

  • Develop fundamental skills: keyboard fluency, coordination exercises, hand independence.
  • Learn about the effective utilisation of keyboard technology and its features.
  • Practise extensive coverage of octaves for easy navigation.
  • Be familiar with theoretical aspects: key signature studies, introduction to new music terminologies, rhythmic division exercises.
  • Discover a wide range of genres in repertoire for versatile playing style.
  • Develop performance skills including dynamics, phrasing, musical interpretation.
  • Extended use of dynamics, articulation and ornaments in music.
  • Prepare for Grade 1 level music exams: practice in exam pieces, technical exercises, sight-reading, aural skills.
  • Foster creativity through composition and improvisation exercises.
  • Preparation and completion of an in-house Grade 1 Practical exam.
What Students Get:
  • Classes, Performances and Workshops
  • Weekly Feedback and Regular PTMs
  • Assessments and Certification
  • Learn Exam Curriculum-based Songs + Bonus songs
  • Music exams by Trinity College of Music, London OR Rockschool, UK

Class Options:

  • 2 class per week for 45 mins (6 months) or
  • 1 class per week for 60 mins (9 months)


  • INR 24,000 (inclusive GST)


Lopa Mahajan
    Lopa Mahajan

    Parent of Western Vocals and Keyboard student

    Good experience with team! Teacher is engaging with learner quite in detail and my girl enjoys learning from the teacher! There are regular updates on what’s going on around from the team. Good job!

    Preethi Ajay
      Preethi Ajay

      Parent of Guitar and Keyboard student

      Extremely happy!! Have been searching for an online platform for my son as the pick-up and drop-off was creating trouble. Found Music Pandit and all my worries are over. My son loves the class and the teacher. We as parents can also see what the kids learn. Highly recommended! Thank you Music Pandit team.

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        Online Keyboard lessons for Kids

        Learning to play the keyboard or piano is a valuable skill that can bring a lifetime of enjoyment and fulfilment. With the rise of online learning, it’s now easier than ever to access high-quality music education from the comfort of your own home.

        Our online keyboard classes are designed to provide students with a comprehensive and engaging music education experience. Our expert instructors have years of experience teaching students of all ages and skill levels, and they are passionate about helping students develop their musical abilities.

        The course is structured to provide a solid foundation in music theory, technique, and repertoire. Students will learn how to read sheet music, play scales and chords, and develop their finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination. They will also learn how to play a variety of musical styles, from classical to pop, and will have the opportunity to explore their own musical interests and preferences.

        One of the biggest advantages of our online piano classes is the flexibility they offer. Students can learn at their own pace and on their own schedule, which is especially important for busy students who may have other commitments such as school or extracurricular activities. Our online platform is easy to use and accessible from any device with an internet connection, so students can practise and learn wherever they are.

        Another advantage of our online classes is the personalised attention and feedback that students receive from their instructors. Our instructors are dedicated to helping each student reach their full potential, and they provide individualised feedback and guidance to help students overcome any challenges they may encounter.

        Finally, learning to play the keyboard or piano is a valuable skill that can have lifelong benefits. It can improve cognitive function, boost creativity, and provide a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. By enrolling in our online keyboard/piano classes, students will be investing in their own personal and musical growth, and will be setting themselves up for a lifetime of musical enjoyment and fulfilment.

        All in all, our online keyboard/piano classes offer a comprehensive, flexible, and engaging music education experience that can benefit students of all ages and skill levels. With expert instructors, personalised attention, and a focus on developing solid musical foundations, our classes are the perfect choice for anyone looking to learn to play the keyboard or piano.

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