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Want your child to be a successful ukulele player? They will need to have a good understanding of rhythm, strumming patterns, chord progressions, and technique! That’s exactly what we teach in our online ukulele classes in a much simpler way. (For kids aged between 6 to 14 years.)

Learn Ukulele Online

Kids ukulele lessons have never been easier, especially for those parents who want their child to learn playing an instrument online without leaving their homes. Besides, the ukulele is a great instrument for kids to learn!

  • It’s the perfect size making it easy to pick up and play for kids.
  • With just a few simple chords kids can play songs quickly. 
  • Ukuleles are quite affordable.

The ukulele is a great beginner instrument for kids to learn and start their journey in the music field. With the help of our highly-rated online ukulele classes kids will get to play music right away. They further benefit from step-by-step ukulele lessons wherein we simplify complicated musical concepts with straight-forward, structured, and lively teaching.

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The Music Pandit Advantage

  • A well-rounded curriculum.
  • Lessons are created and guided by an experienced teacher.
  • Step-by-step lessons and new techniques accompanied by quizzes and games.
  • Visual features such as sheet music and tablature.
  • All classes are recorded so that students can learn anywhere, anytime.
  • Progress tracking and personalised feedback.
  • Active online community where you can exchange thoughts and concerns.
  • This course includes material to use while playing along to the live and recorded videos.
  • Connect with students from around the world.
  • Artist workshops, masterclasses, and award ceremonies.
Ukulele Classes for Beginners

Online Ukulele Course Details

About the Course

In this online ukulele course, we bring musical concepts and practices together to create an educational experience that fosters a love of music among the students. Kids learn with easy-to-follow lessons and by playing along to music played by real artists and musicians.

  • Age 6 to 8 years.
  • Interest in music.
  • Instrument (Ukulele)
Topics Covered:
  • Anatomy and Posture 
  • Right Hand and Left Hand Technique
  • Tempo, Beats and Rhythm
  • Melody and Chords
  • 4/4 and 3/4 Time Signature and Key Signatures
  • C major and G Major Scale
  • Sight Reading C D E F and G
  • Tablature Reading
  • Performance Pieces
Learning Outcomes:

Once the students complete this fundamentals module, they will:

  • Students will learn to play
    • 4 Popular Rhymes
      • Twinkle Twinkle 
      • London Bridge 
      • Happy Birthday
      • Jingle Bells 
    • Short Songs from Ukulele Method Book
    • 4 Popular Songs
      • Hey Soul Sister
      • You Are My Sunshine 
      • 100 Miles
      • Havana
  • Be able to perform all the exercises and songs in “The Rockschool Ukulele Method” syllabus (International curriculum)
  • Gain basic knowledge of musical terminology and music theory.
  • Harness music theory to play creatively and expressively.
  • Develop an elementary understanding of different genres. 
  • Be able to read the TABs composed of whole, half and quarter notes.
What Students Get:
  • Lesson Books for Ukulele Fundamental Course
  • Live Instructor led Classes
  • 2 Performances and 2 Workshops
  • Weekly Feedback and Regular PTMs
  • Assessment  and Certification

Class Options:

  • 2 class per week for 45 mins (6 months) or
  • 1 class per week for 60 mins (9 months)


  • INR 24,000 (inclusive of GST)

About the Course

The Ukulele Initial Level caters to candidates who have completed the Ukulele Fundamental level or have some prior knowledge of the instrument.  It can be a starting point for kids above 8 years of age as well, with no prior experience with the instrument.

In this course, we bring more musical concepts and practices together that will take the student’s ukulele playing skills to a higher level.

  • Age 8 to 14 years.
  • Interest in music.
  • Instrument (Ukulele)
  • Basic Knowledge of Instrument (Not mandatory)
Topics Covered:
  • Open chords on the Ukulele. 
  • Strumming patterns including Half, Quarter and Eighth notes as well 
  • Melodies including eighth rests and notes, dotted notes and ties. 
  • Melody and Chords
  • 4/4 and 3/4 and 6/8 Time Signature and Key Signatures
  • Scales 
    • C Major 
    • G Major 
    • A minor Pentatonic 
    • C Major Pentatonic
  • Arpeggios 
    • C Major Arpeggio
    • G Major Arpeggio
  • Chords
    • Major Chords : A7 D E C G G7 B
    • Minor Chords : Am Fm Gm Bm
  • Tablature Reading
  • Workshops 
    • Diatonic Chords of the C major scale
    • Strumming patterns
Learning Outcomes:

Students who clear Initial Level with Music Pandit should be able to perform all the exercises and Songs in the course and appear and clear their RSL “Debut” exams. 

  • Be able to perform all the exercises and songs in “The Rockschool Debut” syllabus
    (International curriculum)
    • Demons 
    • Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
    • Lean On Me 
    • Marry You 
    • Rolling In The Deep
    • Shake It Off
  • Play songs with  strumming and melodies including eighth rests and notes, dotted notes and ties
  • Understand basic music theory to play creatively and expressively.
  • Develop an elementary understanding of different genres. 
  • Read Tablature and play over Play-along or Metronome on time.
What Students Get:
  • Lesson Books for Ukulele Initial Course
  • Live Instructor led Classes
  • 2 Performances and 2 Workshops
  • Weekly Feedback and Regular PTMs
  • Assessment  and Certification

Class Options:

  • 2 class per week for 45 mins (6 months) or
  • 1 class per week for 60 mins (9 months)


  • INR 24,000 (inclusive of GST)


Shelma Fernandes
    Shelma Fernandes

    Parent of Western Vocals and Guitar Student

    Our experience with Music Pandit has been great. They have very good and friendly teachers. My kids enjoy their lessons thoroughly and look forward to more. It's a great platform for students who wish to be good musicians.

    Sheela Ramesh
      Sheela Ramesh

      Parent of Western Vocals Student

      Kids can learn in a calm and friendly atmosphere in classes. Not only that, but the teachers are also so friendly with the kids. My daughter is thoroughly enjoying learning music online with Music Pandit.

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        Ukulele Classes for Beginners

        The ukulele is a small, four-stringed instrument that originates from Hawaii. Its sweet and melodic sound instantly captivates listeners of all ages. As a beginner-friendly instrument, it is an ideal choice for kids to begin their musical journey.

        Our online ukulele for beginner course covers a comprehensive curriculum that is well-structured to help children build a strong foundation. Our experienced instructors have put together ukulele lessons that are active, playful, and properly paced to help young minds grow. No pressure! Each new step builds on the last. This is done to allow the kids to gain the right knowledge and confidence as they develop their ukulele skills. We make sure kids understand important concepts such as notes, chords, and rhythm clearly. After completing the online ukulele course your child will be able to play songs without the need to constantly watch other ukulele tutorial videos. 

        We offer interactive elements, such as live video lessons, group sessions and access to all the materials in one place. All these features enrich your child’s learning experience and also foster a sense of connection with the instructor and other learners.

        Meanwhile, mastering the ukulele requires dedication, practice, and the right guidance. We have thoughtfully mapped out a roadmap to help our learners embark on their ukulele journey and make remarkable progress.

        1. Learn the Basics

        The kids will begin with the fundamental aspects of ukulele playing, including how to hold the instrument, basic strumming patterns, and familiarization with chord shapes. As they progress through the classes and levels, they are gradually introduced to more complex techniques.

        2. Practice Routines

        We all know, consistent practice is key to improvement. We guide students to set aside dedicated practice sessions each day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. We believe that regularity will yield more significant results than sporadic, lengthy practice routines.

        3. Dive into Techniques

        Through performance pieces and song learning students will get to explore various playing techniques starting from the basics such as strumming and then progress slowly to fingerpicking, slides and other advanced techniques. Understanding these techniques will add depth and flair to their playing.

        4. Expand Their Repertoire

        Students will learn a diverse range of songs and styles to broaden their musical horizon. Practice playing different genres will enhance their versatility as a ukulele player.

        5. Jam and Collaborate

        Students can also join jam sessions or collaborate with others which will challenge them a bit but will also help them improve their sense of rhythm, and provide valuable insights into musical dynamics.

        So, if you are looking for a wonderful and engaging way to ignite your child’s passion for music, we welcome you to our exciting world of online ukulele lessons! 

        At Music Pandit, we take immense pride in offering top-notch online music classes, expertly curated for kids. It is designed to foster their musical growth while catering to their unique learning needs.

        Join us at Music Pandit and let your child embark on a musical adventure like no other.

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