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Founders Message

As children, music helped us in so many ways – de-stress, be confident, express ourselves and make so many friends. However, while we loved music, we didn’t enjoy our childhood music lessons. And the reason was simple – super boring curriculum, old teaching methodology, teachers stuck in their old ways and it took forever to perform a song.

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of training and working with fantastic musicians with a much more progressive pedagogy and thanks to that exposure, at Music Pandit, we took everything that didn’t work and flipped it on its head. With Music Pandit, we were determined to create a place that makes music learning fun while still teaching everything that a student needed to know.
Serah John & Sherin Winstent
Founders – Music Pandit

Benefits of Online Music Classes

at Music Pandit School

Confidence Booster​

Learning music allows you to put yourself in a situation where you will need to perform for an audience. As you pull off that performance, you will feel satisfied and gain higher confidence.

Social Skills

Children who take part in music gain an understanding of themselves and others. This allows them to form new friendships and socialise. Playing music helps them develop teamwork.

Enhanced Brain Function

The direct impact of music learning is it enhances brain function in children. When children learn to play an instrument, sing or just listen to music it results in the stimulation of the brain.

Music Helps in Academic Success

Music wires a child brain to help him better understand subjects like Math and Science. When you learn rhythm and beat in music you are basically learning about ratios, fractions and proportions.

Discipline and Achievement

Those who study music learn to be disciplined. They develop goals, follow a strict training routine and are set on overcoming challenges. Also, mastering a new piece of music leads to a sense of achievement.

Music Enhances Your Creativity

In addition to understanding the theory and playing an instrument music learning helps in opening up your perception and expressing yourself in new ways. Compose a song, improvise solos and get more creative.

Our Methodology

As adults, we always remember that special teacher who could make us understand a concept anyhow. They would use unique methods, fun exercises or workshops to ensure we understood it correctly. Now imagine your child learning music from that teacher. At Music Pandit, our pedagogy is king.

We use our unique tried and tested methods to teach concepts while keeping students engaged and fully invested in our music lessons. We simplify music concepts and help our students have fun and at the same time explore creative expression either through their singing or the different instruments that they play.

With our trained and certified faculty, proprietary learning materials, workshops, timely support, and performance training we aim to offer a holistic music learning environment to our students.

Our Vision & Values

Our vision is to help children become better people, by teaching them music. We firmly believe that every child must learn music to improve mental discipline, brain function, teamwork, and positive self-esteem. We can confidently say that no other form of learning does all these things.

Did you know that learning music can REWIRE a child’s brain? Join us to know more.

Music Pandit School Students and Teachers

Want to Join Us?

We are always on the lookout for Music Teachers who are passionate about teaching children.

We are currently looking for trained and certified instructor who teach Western Vocals, Guitar or Keyboard. Having a good knowledge of music theory and practical along with a good command of English is a bonus.

Send us your resume, performance links and certifications on admin@musicpandit.com