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Nurture your child’s musical talents with our comprehensive online Hindustani vocal classes. Learn ragas, techniques, and cultural heritage from acclaimed gurus and explore contemporary hits.

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In the Indian music scene, Hindustani music is not only considered as a form of artistic expression but it is more of a tradition that is deeply rooted in our culture and history. So, when you enrol your child in our Hindustani vocal classes, you are not only exposing them to the beauty of Hindustani music but also connecting them to a rich heritage that spans centuries.

While our Hindustani vocal classes lay a strong foundation in the traditional approach, we have recognized the importance of adapting to modern musical tastes. Therefore, we have developed a course that finds the perfect balance between classical roots and contemporary music. In this online Hindustani vocal course, students will not only learn and master the intricate alankars, paltas, ragas and riyaz techniques, but they will have the opportunity to perform popular contemporary music including Bollywood songs. 

So, if you are a parent seeking a more “present-day” approach to Indian music education, our online vocal class is the right match for your child. This specialised course will cater to children’s interests by incorporating familiar melodies and styles. 

Join us in discovering the magic of Hindustani vocal music and unleash your child’s musical potential today!

Why Music Pandit Hindustani Vocal Classes?​

In our Hindustani vocal classes, we prioritise the holistic development of each child, focusing not only on musical proficiency but also on nurturing their overall growth and well-being. Here’s what sets us apart from the rest:

  • Live group classes – Group sessions promote better learning.
  • Easy to follow lessons – This Hindustani vocal music system can be learned by children of any skill level. 
  • Lessons from experienced teachers – Learn from experienced professionals who also possess a wealth of practical experience in this field!
  • Structured and standardised curriculum – The curriculum has been specially developed in-house for optimal learning.
  • Flexible timings – Choose from 1 day/week classes or 2 day/week classes.
  • Student showcase – Students get to perform songs which will be showcased on our social media pages. 
  • Student Progress – Regular feedback is given and virtual PTMs are held.  
  • Specialised Training – We prepare students for stage performances.

More significantly, here at Music Pandit School, we believe in ‘learning through fun’. We have exciting, fun elements in all our lessons, and ensure that students achieve their musical goals while having a great time.

Rakshit with Damayanti

Hindustani Beginner Course Details

About Hindustani (Popular Songs) Class:

Hindustani Vocals Fundamental Course (Popular Songs) is the very first course for the beginner level learners. In his course kids will learn fundamentals of Hindustani music, melody and rhythm structures. Additionally, they will learn basics of Raagas including Raaga based Bollywood and some folk songs. Wholesome experience of Indian classical blended with contemporary music learning is the focus of the course.

  • Age 6 to 14 years.
  • Interest in music and singing.
Topics Covered:
  • Vocal exercise: Vowel exercises, Swar-alankar 
  • Dynamics: High \Low pitch exercises 
  • Trivia/ Quiz
  • Songs: Raagas and Classically inclined Bollywood songs 
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Study of Rthythm -Taals “Keherava”, “Dadra”.
Learning Outcomes:

Once the students complete this fundamental course , they will be able to:

  • Learn to sing fundamental notes in slow, medium, fast tempos.
  • Learn to practice voice modulations.
  • Identify high \ low pitches.
  • Play and show taalas by their hands.
  • Learn to sing independently on tabla or metronome.
  • Learn to sing two Bollywood \ folk \ classical numbers each.
  • Explain a few theory pointers of any one Raaga.
What Students Get:
  • Classes, Performances and Workshops
  • Weekly Feedback and Regular PTMs
  • Assessments and Certification
  • Learn Exam Curriculum-based Songs + Bonus songs
  • Inhouse Music Exams and Certification
Class Options:
  • 2 class per week for 45 mins (6 months) or
  • 1 class per week for 60 mins (9 months)
  • INR 24,000 (inclusive of GST)


Shelma Fernandes
    Shelma Fernandes

    Parent of Western Vocals and Guitar Student

    Our experience with Music Pandit has been great. They have very good and friendly teachers. My kids enjoy their lessons thoroughly and look forward to more. It's a great platform for students who wish to be good musicians.

    Sheela Ramesh
      Sheela Ramesh

      Parent of Western Vocals Student

      Kids can learn in a calm and friendly atmosphere in classes. Not only that, but the teachers are also so friendly with the kids. My daughter is thoroughly enjoying learning music online with Music Pandit.

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        Unlock Your Child's Inner Musician - Hindustani Vocal Classes​

        In the Indian music scene, Hindustani music has captured listeners with its rich melodies and intricate ragas. Now, your child also has the opportunity to embark on this extraordinary musical journey through our Hindustani vocal classes.

        At our music school, we believe in nurturing musical talents from an early age and our classes are tailored specifically for kids aged 6-14 years. We believe that allowing children to learn from a young age will help them develop a deep appreciation for music. With that belief, we provide a nurturing environment where young minds can freely explore their potential.

        Our experienced and accomplished gurus (teachers) guide students through a comprehensive curriculum, encompassing various aspects of Hindustani vocal music. From mastering the fundamental techniques of voice control, breath support to understanding the nuances of ragas, taal (rhythm), and song compositions, our classes offer a well-rounded musical education.

        More significantly, if you go beyond the realm of music, our Hindustani vocal classes instil invaluable life skills in your child. To elaborate, the practice of Hindustani music usually requires solid discipline, focus, and dedication. As they develop these qualities it will serve them well in all other aspects of life. Furthermore, as your child learns new ragas and compositions, they will cultivate a heightened sense of concentration and attention to detail.

        Nonetheless, the joy of mastering a song, the thrill of performing, and the strong sense of fulfilment that comes with artistic expression – these are the precious gifts your child will carry with them throughout their lives.

        Join our online Hindustani vocal classes (popular songs) today! Book a demo session now.

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