3 Musical Instruments for Parents to Learn

As you age and become older and older, one of the most common feelings that come to your mind is that you cannot learn anything new. This is especially true when it comes to learning musical instruments. However, this feeling is a great misconception, since learning at an older age has many benefits. There are advantages of learning at an older age, like hand-eye coordination, memory retention, concentration and motor skills which are important, no matter how old you are.

If you have a deep interest and appreciation for music, then it’s not too late for you to learn an instrument.

Here are 3 instruments that you can learn as Parent:


One of the best instruments that you can use to start out learning is the Piano. Though it may seem difficult initially, it can actually turn out to be a great instrument for you to learn. It is actually one of the easiest instruments to learn. Learning to play the Piano lays the foundation for you to play other musical instruments. Most of the basic principles to grasp are very easy and do not cause much of a hassle.

It is important though to remember, that you have to practice the Piano regularly, in order that you do not lose touch and interest with this great instrument. Learning to play the Piano is useful because it improves hand coordination, since you’ll learn to play different melodies with each hand and helps in music theory skills. Overall, the Piano is something that will keep you occupied for many hours altogether, in case you do not have other work to do.

As parents, retired or working, the Piano is beneficial to you because it helps to expand your knowledge of culture, as you learn to play different pieces of music, produced over different ages. If you don’t have enough time to learn, then there is no need to worry, because the Internet is an excellent resource to learn- sites such as Master class and YouTube are good places to learn.


Just like the Piano, the Guitar is a very good instrument for beginners. The chord progressions are quite difficult, but you will definitely get a hang of it after practising rigorously for months altogether. There are many options also when it comes to learning a Guitar.

For example, you can choose to play an acoustic, bass or electric Guitar. A Guitar also offers you the exclusive option of being self-taught, because Guitar players are generally known to learn the instrument by themselves. This can help you to learn conveniently at your own pace and time, thereby making it easy to grasp the instrument.

An added advantage of learning the Guitar is that it boosts your attention span and strengthens your memory, besides helping you to multi-task. If you’re looking to invite people to parties and occasions, then the Guitar is just the perfect instrument.


If you are fond of rock music, then the drum is a great instrument for you to learn. Of all the instruments, the drum allows you to learn to express yourself through beats, rhythm and timing. While the drum is a difficult instrument to learn by yourself at home, you can always go to an experienced teacher to learn it.

As Parents, the drum helps you to relieve yourself from stress and boosts your confidence in your daily activities. Besides, drums offer a great workout, for both your brain and body. The only disadvantage with drums is that they occupy a lot of space in your house and also is a bit costly. In that case, do consider buying electronic drums, because they are quite affordable and compact.

There are many benefits of taking up a musical instrument, while your children are busy with their routine activities. Learning at an advanced age can be a bit daunting, however, there is no reason you should add a bit of music to your life.

Try to choose an instrument and you will feel a sense of joy and fulfilment in your life.


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