5 Best Campfire Guitar Songs to Learn

Traveling to the mountains and spending a couple of nights in the vast, dark meadows, by the campfire, listening to the sounds of nature – these could really reenergize one for the grinding of life for some more months. Once you get to the mountains and sit in front of it, you realize how trivial and fragile human life is!

We all are preoccupied with much hustle and bustle but we hardly ever create a memory. But those beautiful, mystical hours, spent by the campfire, will be etched in your mind forever. Why not make those beautiful memories even more special? In fact, if you are planning to spend a few nights by the campfire, you should try to learn to play a few songs with the guitar. After all, music is the food of love.

5 Campfire Guitar Songs To Learn

It is not necessary that you need travel to the mountains to spend a couple of nights by the campfire. In fact, you can go to the countryside and spend some amazing time with your friends, singing, relishing every bit of pure oxygen and creating memories.

Take Me Home, Country Road

This is a retro song by John Denver that became an instant hit in the 70s. The rustic tone of the song and easy-to-play chord progression with a touch of melancholy and longing to go back to our roots, where we belong make the song perfect for your outing.

By the River

This is an offbeat song by Brian Eno which has a touch of agony and introspection that tries to find the significance of our human existence in this apparently mundane world. Although this is a serious song, the lyrics and the haunting music are ideal for the silent night by the campfire.

The Scientist

Coldplay is undoubtedly the most prominent music band of this century. Inspired by British and Irish folk, fused with contemporary soft rock, Coldplay has presented the world with many unforgettable songs. The Scientist is a song, again with a bit of anguish woven to it, that calls for the lost moments with the loved one. In the end, it has a mesmerizing solo for the guitar that will haunt you like nothing else.

Fine on the Outside

The pitch dark nights by the campfire, as silent as the fresh corpse, are suitable for a thorough introspection. This particular song by Priscilla Ahn is for the introverts, who laugh and cry on their own, who have got nobody but their own shoulders to bear the burdens. The slow melodic progression of the song will certainly bring a drop of tears to your listeners. And as we say, it is not always the claps but the tears of sorrow and smiles of delight that are the best compliments an artist can get.

500 Miles

Well, this song is certainly one of the most popular songs from the bygone days. Joan Baez took the song to the next level with her poignant singing. It has a touch of spirituality but acts on a human level to instigate a feeling of nostalgia.


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