5 Reasons to Use a Capo While Playing a Guitar

There is a myth that capo is for cheats and wimps while playing the guitar and this is the reason why most passionate beginners often skip employing capo while playing this musical instrument.

Here in this guide, we have considered some of the integral steps that speak why it is useful to employ and use a capo when it comes to playing the guitar.

Reasons To Use A Capo While Playing Guitar

1. A capo allows user to play more songs with fewer chords:

This has been recognized as one of the best advantages of using a capo while playing the guitar, especially for beginners. When you employ a capo while playing the guitar, you will eventually realize how easier it has become to play the guitar with fewer chords. With just 5 chords it is possible to change back and forth also it won’t be tough to handle all these with a capo.

2. Using a capo allows you to play differently and give chord voicing:

Most of us wonder that using a capo while playing musical instruments like guitar is like employing one of the cheat tools for the music. However, I would like to tell you that this is not true and one shall never consider Capo as a cheat tool for musical instruments like guitar.

Cap comes with multiple perks when it comes to playing the guitar as a musical instrument. You have heard of various voicing and music tones with the sound of the guitar, this happens with the help of a capo. Capo allows you to deliver a lot of musical sounds to the music performances when it comes to playing the guitar which wouldn’t be otherwise possible.

3. A capo helps songwriting and composition:

The majority of the writers out there have the passion to write and direct songs and lyrics as well. Here comes the capo as an integral role. If you don’t have an idea from where to start, you can employ the techniques of a capo. There are lots of techniques available that can be used to write a song.

I teach with the help of G, D, Em, C with a capo on fret 5. Now, when a user moves the capo to fret 1, it will sound different. If one will change the strum pattern it would sound even more different.

A Capo for the guitar player truly makes things sound drastically different and are a cool tool for songwriting.

4. A capo makes playing the chords easier:

This perk helps especially a beginners guitarist a lot, it makes playing this tough musical instrument quite easier for the performer, encouraging them to play more and perform well.

To play a C chord with no capo and to play a C chord with a capo on fret 4 are two very different aspects of the guitar, this instrument can be recognized as the helping tool to play the guitar.

It makes it easier for the user to click and catch the strings or chords of the guitar while leaving the fingers feeling less sore.

Capo doesn’t only help in generating different tone for the music but also allows the users to play smooth and while making the fingers less sore. Being relaxed while playing any musical instrument is integral and here Capo helps a lot. It allows a performer to play unique music while focusing on employing the slightest pressure and fewer techniques.

5. Create a different tone while keeping your other hand on rest:

Play any tone with or without a capo, you will eventually realize how one with a capo is a different form than the other. On the whole, playing a capo changes everything. The chord shape often turns a different chord when a capo is involved.

The point here, though, is not the theory behind it all (that’s for a future post), but it is the tone that both of these different ways of playing G major gives you.

Try it if you don’t believe me!

The two tones compliment each other really nicely and create a different flavor which is handy for when two guitars are playing the same parts.

On the other hand, it allows the user to keep the other hand on rest and play comfortably.


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