Can Music Be Learnt Online?

If you are pondering on the question of whether music can be learned online, then the answer is a resounding YES! Learning to play instruments like the piano and the guitar are a lot easier now thanks to online channels like YouTube which offers a variety of music tutorials. Additionally, there are a plethora of other platforms to learn music like Skype lessons, video lessons that have been pre-recorded, online exercises and training modules besides others.

There are also online music courses on modern advanced mix techniques, courses on vocal recording technologies and music for wellness as well as courses that unleash the power of the chords available online. However, before choosing any online music courses whether they are paid courses or free ones, it is necessary to research them thoroughly.

Tips for Learning Music Online

Having clarity regarding what you really want to learn before channeling your energies into an online music training is necessary. If learning music independently is your goal then the first step is to make a list of music and songs that you want to learn.

The next step is to divide the song into pieces so that you can learn and practice and master parts of it first and then perform the entire song. It’s always a great idea to prepare notes for every song you play.

They say practice is the key to mastering anything. It’s true for music too. So, practice hard to learn fast. Finally, keep going back to songs on your list so that you are not out of touch with them.

Popularity of Online Music Training

The more popularity online music training gains, the more people are questioning whether it is as effective as traditional face-to-face classes. Marianne Stenger writing on the subject states that according to a survey on, an online debate forum, around 60% of people felt that online education could be as effective as regular schooling.

Today, of course, with the Covid pandemic online learning has become the norm. The primary difference between students who learn music online and those who learn it the traditional way from instructors is that the former learn to play by the ear and the latter are encouraged to follow rules and memorize notes, her article highlights.

Advantages of Online Music Classes

Despite some drawbacks such as a lack of physical guidance and the need for strong internet connectivity, online music classes come with plenty of advantages. The first being convenience. Without so much as stepping out of your house, you can learn an instrument or song.

There is no time spent travelling to and from the music school. You can fit the online music lesson anywhere into your schedule depending on when you are free. In fact, even if you travel often, you can take your online course wherever you go without any disruption to your lessons. That you can learn at the pace you want is another key advantage.

Another plus is that you have more options available to you. You can choose from a number of music instructors and it does not matter if you live miles away from him or her. You can still access their lessons.

What’s more, online courses are easier on the pocket and cost much less than traditional courses. However, there is a need for personal motivation in order to succeed in learning music online. Because one can be tempted to miss musical lessons when you are the only one accountable for your classes. In comparison, it is much more difficult to miss a class when it is scheduled with a music instructor.

Music You Can Learn Online for Free

Especially during the pandemic, if you are looking to learn some musical skills for free you can try the following. Beatboxing can be at the top of your list. It is the art of making sounds of drums with your mouth. There are plenty of online lessons available for free in this arena. This apart if you have a guitar or harmonica lying around, you can pick up great tips and techniques of how to play them.

Finally, you can even train to become a music engineer by following free online lessons. However, do keep in mind that while free lessons sound great, a majority of them may not show the right techniques which can lead to injury.

So, keep in mind that you should ideally find a place that can help you learn the right way so that you can play any song you want – not only the songs in the course.


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