How to Learn Intermediate Songs on Guitar?

Do you want to play your favorite songs on guitar but are not sure where to begin? You do not have to fret since most beginners face this issue early on in their journey. Although there are plenty of resources out there, it can get overwhelming without proper guidance.

Learn to Play Intermediate Songs on Guitar

There are several intermediate songs that you can play on the guitar with practice. Apart from valuable tips, we shall also list the different songs you can play once you master the basics thoroughly!

Let us take a look at some crucial tips that you should inculcate in your practice routine. These will help you to play intermediate songs on Guitar.

Tips For Playing Intermediate Songs on the Guitar

We have compiled some tips that are known to yield the best results possible while you are learning to play the guitar.

1. Listening to the Song Continuously

As you begin to play a song on the guitar, the first step that you should do is to hear the song on a loop. This step is generally overlooked by most beginners as it sounds highly basic. However, it has the potential to completely change the overall outcome of your efforts!

When you listen to the songs repeatedly, it will help you analyze the various components, such as:

  • Interludes
  • Choruses
  • Verses
  • Bridges
  • Rhythm Structures

2. Repeatedly Performing the Song

The next step that follows is playing the song on your guitar repeatedly. You can request your friends and family to act as audience and give you constructive feedback regarding your performance. It will help you to reduce stage fright and develop confidence.

Another method that you can follow is recording your own performance and watching it later on to understand the areas that require extra focus. Generally, we tend to understand our level of competency when we witness it from a different perspective.

3. Dividing the Song Into Parts

Learning to play intermediate songs on the guitar becomes immensely easy if you divide the song into parts. Playing one section of a song at a time will help you master it quicker than struggling with the entire song at once.

Certain songs have tough sections that generally require more practice. Therefore, you can devote more attention to these parts and master them skillfully! Practicing in sessions can help you in this regard as well.

4. Switching the Keys During Practice

As you begin to learn to the play the guitar, it would be a good idea to switch the original key of the song to a key that you are more familiar with. This method will help you to master the song in a better way and help you grasp the minute details!

Singers sing in different ranges and require the musician to change the scale often. Hence, this tip can also double up as a great skill for any instrument player as well!

Best Intermediate Songs to Play On the Guitar

Based on the tips that we mentioned above, you can now look for the best intermediate songs that you can play to improve your skills and hone them perfectly. These songs include:

  • Hotel California
  • Crash Into Me
  • Little Wing


This compilation of the best ways to learn to play intermediate songs on the guitar is well-researched and is sure to provide you with the necessary insight in this regard! You can follow all the tips and techniques mentioned here to master playing the guitar.

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