Online Vs. Offline – What is the Right Way to Learn Music?

There are so many online music courses on the internet today but how do you know if they are any good? But then again, if you are going to a Music School in your city, you might not have the time to attend those music classes.

So, what is the best option to learn music?

Online Music Education

Advantages of Online Music Education

  1. Flexibility: You can pursue your music lessons at your own time and in your own pace, there aren’t strict time constraints. So, you can adjust your time from your schedule and put your free time towards learning music.
  2. Organised Lessons: Because the lessons are pre-recorded, they are usually very crisp and clear, it does not change with teachers, accents or moods. The lessons are designed with a clear objective and everything essential to your learning is available in the lessons. All the theory and concepts surrounding the topic are all covered in the lesson.
  3. Practice Routines: You get structured practice routines to help you develop specific skills.
  4. Affordable: Online Music Learning is much more affordable compared to a Music School or private lessons.
  5. No Teacher Issues: Online lessons usually have good instructors who are also responsible for building the course and have vast knowledge when it comes to the topic. Instructors will be available anytime as the lessons are readily available and thus ensuring that you don’t have any challenges when it comes to your learning. Finally, the instructor’s mood and behaviour will be consistent and motivating throughout the course unlike in real life – thus ensuring you have a smooth learning experience.
  6. Multiple Subjects: You have many options when it comes to choosing an instrument in the online learning model. Websites can provide any number of courses that allow students to pick their favourite instruments or topics and learn.
  7. High Quality Video Lessons: the great thing about online music lessons, especially the pre-recorded classes is that the content is easy to view and understand. Unlike online LIVE sessions, there are no internet issues, lags or drop-offs.

Disadvantages of Online Music Education

  1. No Instant Feedback: The drawback to online curriculum is the feedback system. There is a process involved for direct interaction through online and sometimes can be frustrating and time consuming. However, on platforms like Music Pandit, you will get personalised feedback in 24 hours.

Music school (Offline)

Advantages of Offline Music Education

  1. Personal Interaction and Feedback: It allows direct interaction with your instructor. Every lesson can be immediately provided with feedback, so if you have any doubts or questions, it can be resolved then and there.
  2. Network: You may meet fellow musicians who are on a beginner or intermediate stage or like you. It is really healthy and fun to socialise with your peers as it encourages growth and more interest in that particular subject.
  3. Performance: You may perform as a part of the music school or with your peer group.

Disadvantages of Offline Music Education

  1. Less Options: A Music school will only be able to provide a limited number of instruments and teachers due to difficulty in getting specialised instruments and
  2. No Flexibility: If you are a working adult or learning in school or college, you might not get much time to go for music classes and the timings won’t be flexible.
  3. Monotonous: It requires commitment as you may be rehearsed through the same drills again and again, especially if you are a beginner which might make the sessions little monotonous.
  4. Instructor Issues: The teacher may not be very skilled and have limited knowledge. The teacher may be irregular due to other commitments like personal classes and shows. The teacher may not be in a good mood some days and can thus affect the learning of that day.

So, now that you have the facts, you can take a decision based on what suits you best. Learning offline and online have it’s own set of challenges however, if you choose the one that works for you, you will achieve your goal of learning music.

We hope you enjoyed this topic and it was useful to you. If you want to know more about such topics, please comment below and we will definitely address it.

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