Love Songs to Sing at Weddings

The wedding day is one of the most important days in a person’s life. It signifies the love and commitment that two people have for each other. It brings them together and they make promises to stay with each other through thick and thin.

On such a special day, choosing the right invitations, flowers, décor and especially the music becomes crucial.

Here are a few love songs that make a perfect wedding soundtrack.

Wedding Song Playlist

All of Me – John Legend

A tender piano ballad that touches everyone’s heart. It is a beautiful song with a gentle tune and lyrics that are apt for the occasion. John Legend had sung this song for his fiancée to portray his love and affection for her. It has a catchy tune that is easy to sing on the piano.

Perfect – Ed Sheeran

This song is a romantic slow song that Ed Sheeran has written for his wife. The lyrics are very loving and describe his love and affection. It is a perfect song for the couple to dance to. The song is written in the A major key with a few high notes during the chorus. It is simple and perfect for a wedding.

Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder

This is a more upbeat song as compared to the last two. It is a classic song from the 1976s. An oldie but definitely a goldie. It is a fun song to play during the reception for a good dance session. It is also frequently used to play during the bride’s arrival during the reception.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen

This is another classic upbeat number that is an absolute dance song that can make anyone get out of their seat and groove. It is considered to be one of the greatest hits. It is a great song to play during the reception for dancing.

A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

It is a beautiful love song that can be definitely featured in a wedding playlist. It is in the key of B-flat major. The lyrics are beautifully written and the song has a sweet tone that makes it an ideal song to play during a wedding. The song talks about how the partner wants to be with their lover for a thousand years and the memories they created over time.

Make You Feel My Love – Adele

A slow beat to which the couples can have a beautiful dance. Adele has a stronghold over the song that touches hearts. This song is great to play during the wedding for a nice calm dance. This song is originally written by Bob Dylan and Adele covered it in her album “19”. This song has also been featured in a popular romantic movie, “When in Rome.”

Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur

This is a beautiful song with lyrics that hold deep meaning. James Arthur has a strong and magical voice. It is a perfect song if the groom or the bride wants to dedicate it to one another. It talks about love and a promise to not let go. The lyric “We have come so far my dear, look how we have grown, and I wanna stay with you until we’re grey and old.” is apt for the scenario.

Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd

This is a more upbeat song that is easy to sing. It has a nice and catchy chorus that grabs attention and everyone can join and sing. It is a very popular song and is more recent, youngsters are more likely to know this song and will definitely sing along.

Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars

Playing love songs during weddings brings a feeling of compassion and nostalgia. Choosing the right song especially for the first dance of the couple holds a lot of meaning. This song is a perfect song for romance. The lyrics are absolutely beautiful with a slow melody. This song is an ideal song for a first dance for the couple.

A Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay

A wedding has a combination of both older generations as well as youngsters. Keeping a balance in the soundtrack ensures that everyone is able to sing along at one point and enjoy the music. This song is a blend between both generations. It is a well-known song that has incredibly easy lyrics to sing to as well as a great tune to play during a wedding.

These are just some songs that you can play at a wedding. If you like a certain artist’s voice, you can add more songs from their album. Music is one way people remember events and occasions, make sure you have a great playlist for your wedding and add some of these songs into your playlist. They are easy to sing to and will absolutely be a crowd-pleaser. If you want to spruce up your singing skills with our vocal exercises, check out our online courses at: Online Western Vocal Classes.


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