Pros and Cons of Piano as Your First Instrument

While all musical instruments bring joy and creativity into our lives, the debate rages on regarding which instrument you should learn first? Should it be the guitar, the piano or the violin? It has been observed that most parents when starting their kids on musical instruments prefer the piano.

However, music being therapeutic can be pursued at any stage of your life. If you are thinking of learning the piano and want to know more about it, read on.

Pros of Learning Piano as Your First Instrument

The piano is a very versatile instrument and is available in varied styles and sizes. Therefore it varies in price and is accessible to a wide range of people. Pianos are often sought after instruments because they allow the player to experiment with different kinds of music. What’s more, a piano also allows you to play in any kind of group setting and even with a band.

The reason why pianos are so popular with beginners in music is that it is a comparatively easy instrument to learn. All you need to do is sit down at the keys, press a note and a pleasant passable tone is produced.

It doesn’t take too much time for you to feel like you know what you are doing and have got the hang of it. We all know that this helps beginners to practice more of what they understand and to develop their skills further. While the more difficult and challenging aspects of learning the piano come in afterwards, even initially it is easy to play music on the piano that sounds good.

The natural layout of the black and white keys also helps to remember where the notes are and how they relate to one another. This especially applies to those who learn best visually.

The piano is a logically laid out instrument with each note being sequentially laid out and there being just one specific place to play a note on the piano. In contrast in the guitar, violin or other string instruments there are many places to play a note making them more complicated to remember.

The piano is also considered the best instrument to teach people music theory, for example how to read sheet music. Having learnt music theory using the piano a beginner can also apply his or her knowledge to other instruments in the future if he or she chooses to learn more than one instrument.

For those who begin learning the piano as their first instrument, they benefit greatly as it teaches them coordination skills and develops their dexterity.

Cons of Learning Piano as Your First Instrument

The piano also has some disadvantages and does not suit all players of musical instruments. For one, it is not a portable instrument and cannot be carried along everywhere you go. This can become irksome and challenging if you are a band member and require the instrument to travel with you frequently.

The second disadvantage is that pianos can also be very costly as a first purchase and also be expensive to maintain. A good quality high-end piano generally can cost quite a bit. For this reason, it is necessary that you do some intensive research and even consult a professional before buying the instrument in order to get value for money. And while initially, you can cut costs you might need an upgrade in the future.

In addition, yearly servicing of your piano can cost quite a sum per tuning session. A good way to reduce costs is by taking good care of your piano which includes routine inspections and cleaning. Plus you also need to diminish the damage done by factors like humidity, temperature and other damaging objects.

Finally, pianos are easy to start learning but difficult to attain mastery over. Playing difficult pieces of music on the piano takes many, many years of practice and the skills required to achieve this feat are almost without limit.

In conclusion, a good way to evaluate whether you should really begin your musical journey with a piano or not is to also evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of other instruments. Only after you have researched them thoroughly should you make the decision.


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