Top 10 Beginner Songs to Learn on Guitar

When you first start learning how to play the guitar, having a certain set of songs that you can play with ease helps improve your skill. To further your learning curve and to impress your friends these songs are a perfect choice.

It doesn’t matter whether you play the acoustic guitar or electric. These songs work best for all of the songs. Become a pro at playing the guitar.

Here are the Top 10 Songs to Learn on Guitar for Beginners:

Talking About a Revolution by Tracy Chapman

A classical song like this by Tracy Chapman is the way to go. It is a simple four-chord progression that doesn’t change at all. Once you play the sequence of G-C-En-D, you can play the whole song with ease and of course, you can play it till the end.

So isn’t this the best song to impress your friends! You can change the pace and how hard you strum the guitar to give it a rhythm for the song. This gives the song the dynamics in the sounds.

Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

This is a perfect song for get-togethers, weddings, and almost all parties. This is an all-time favorite of everyone. So why not learn it on the guitar. It might sound very complicated but this song only has 3 chords that you need to play. The chords are G major, C major, and D major, during the main chorus of “Brown Eyed Girl” you need to add an E minor Chord. That’s all it needs to learn this song.

Three Little Birds by Bob Marley

Another song that works on only three chords. A perfect song that can make heads hum to your tune. If you love reggae, this is the perfect song for you. It uses only 3 chords, that is A major, D major, and E major. It is an easy song to learn and ace the song.

Shake it Off by Taylor Swift

If you prefer learning pop songs and want to learn an upbeat song. This is an easy song with only 3 chords to play. These chords can be played with only 2 fingers making it even easier to play. The whole song has the same chords that are played. The song has a simple and easy strumming pattern that makes it an ideal song for beginners to perfect.

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

With interesting strumming patterns for the guitar, radioactive is another song that is great for beginners. The chords are easy to play and are not very fast. The song might sound very electronic however it does have a lot of guitar parts that beginners would enjoy playing. You can also use a capo for this song to make the tone of the song and to make the guitar easy to play.

Love Me Do by the Beatles

Learn to play the classic Beatles with only 2 chords. It takes only two chords to perfect this song, the G Major and C Major. Only towards the bridge of the song, you need the D Major Chord. Listening to the song more often will definitely help you understand the strumming pattern and how fast or slow to go.

All of Me by John Legend

A beautiful love song for the guitar that can be played with ease. This song is considered one of the best songs for beginners to learn on a guitar. It can be played on the acoustic guitar. If you know the lyrics to the song it is even easier to strum the guitar to the rhythm of the song. It has only two major chords that are even throughout the song.

Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Another classic song often played in weddings is Perfect by Ed Sheeran. It is a beautiful mellow song that has a great rhythm to it. It is a simple and definitely a crowd-pleasing song. There are 4 chords for the song G, C, E, and D minor chords. Learning perfect can help you master many other pop songs.

Just the Way You are by Bruno Mars

This is a song that is great for an experienced beginner. If you already know how to play three to four songs over the guitar then this song works for you. It has 3 chords, that is A major, D minor, and F major.

Imagine by John Lennon

A signature song by John Lennon with an easy to remember and strum guitar pattern. If you love the old and classic songs then this is the perfect song to learn if you are a beginner. If you know how to sing the song that is an added benefit that you have.


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