List of Top 10 Songs That Have a Beautiful Meaning

Listening to songs that hold a deep meaning is a relaxing experience. Songs convey and evoke deep feelings. Listening to such songs is a great way to release your own emotions. It is one way in which the audience connects and resonates with the artist.

Here are 10 Songs that Have a Beautiful Meaning

Imagine – John Lennon

It is a beautiful and meaningful song in which John Lennon is portraying an image of a world that he considers perfect. He asks the audience to imagine this world where there is no hate, racism, murder, and war. In his world, there is peace and quiet, where people love and share with one another. His song inspires listeners to be more honest and humble, to live and let live. It has a lovely beat that immediately catches one’s attention.

The Show Must Go On – Queen

This song has a very slow, mellow tune with beautiful lyrics. Freddie Mercury’s voice sounds absolutely stunning where he talks about heartbreak, and how regardless of this he will put up a smile and make sure the show goes on. It talks about the struggles of being in the spotlight and the pressure to be and do the best. The lyrics “My soul is painted like the wings of a butterfly,” portrays the work of a great songwriter.

Praying – Kesha

This beautiful song has two ideas. The first idea she talks about how strong she has become after all the pain she has been going through. She is proud of herself for moving past the pain. The second idea is that she is not going out for revenge. She doesn’t want anyone else to go through the same. She hopes the best for the other person and hopes they are praying for their inner peace.

Yellow – Coldplay

This song is dedicated to someone, it is not necessarily romantic, the love is brotherly. It portrays love and cares for someone. The color yellow, for Coldplay, is a beautiful color. It is a slow, beautiful song that can be hummed and sung under the night sky. It is a very soft and touching song.

Let her go – Passenger

The overall meaning of the song portrays the philosophical idea of how humans tend to appreciate something when it’s gone. The main chorus of the song “Only know you love her when you let her go,” explains the whole jist of the song. It is a classic song that was written in 2012. It is a beautiful song with a deep meaning.

Six Feet Under – Billie Eilish

This song talks about the singer’s love for someone. She talks about how she lost herself in that relationship and even though that person hurt her, she loves that person. She has buried her love sex feet under. She lost herself trying to find that love back. She wonders if it would ever bloom again. It is a beautiful song that gives chills while listening, the singer has a very sweet and gentle voice that makes this song so beautiful to listen to.

Spring Day – BTS

This song is a deep, reflective song about love and loss. The song expresses the singer’s yearning for their past. The song along with its album cover and music video users water imagery to talk about a tragedy that has occurred in South Korea. It is a nostalgic song with very well-thought lyrics and rhyme scheme. The song is a slow, mellow tune that brings a tear to the listener’s eye.

Shallow – Lady Gaga

The song is a duet with Bradley Cooper which is the theme song for the movie ‘A star is a born.’ It is an emotional ballad that the singer sings in the movie as her first appearance. It is a love song that talks about communication and connections. During our shallow times, we need to dive in and try something out of our comfort zone and give ourselves a chance. It is a song of hope and love.

Slow Dancing in the Dark – Joji

This song talks about romance but with a twist to it. It describes a romantic relationship that is going nowhere. The singer, Joji is referring to the slow gradual depletion of the relationship. It is low, and a great song to play to relax. The song has a very deep meaning.

Scars to Your Beautiful – Alessia Cara

This song talks about body image and body positivity. It is directed towards women. It talks about the hardships that women go through that sometimes makes them question their love for themselves. The singer is reassuring them and telling them that their scars and everything about them makes them beautiful. They are beautiful just the way they are and they don’t need to change anything about themselves.


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