Top 5 Music Course YouTube Channel You Should Follow

Generally, learning music has been restricted to offline classes. This is a pretty conservative method of learning, and it took a massive hit due to the onset of Covid-19. Therefore, enthusiastic learners began looking for other methods of learning.

YouTube channels are one of the best ways through which you can improve your knowledge in any domain you wish to! The same applies to music as well. Several listeners are now opting for online music classes.

These online music courses provide a huge window of opportunity for those who wish to master a new art form from the comfort of their homes.

Top 5 Music Course YouTube Channels to Follow

Let us take a look at the best music YouTube channels that are currently offering a wide range of courses!

1. Music Pandit

Music Pandit is one of the pioneers of this domain and has been providing quality training to thousands of students. Their services comprise a wide range of online courses covering music’s A to Z. We have listed some of their services below for your reference.

  • Western Vocal Training
  • Instruments Training
  • Choir Singing
  • Music Camps

Another factor of attraction that Music Pandit possesses is their exhaustive range of resources and trainers who are worth their salt! Therefore, you can check out their YouTube channel to better understand their expertise and then invest in their paid courses.

2. Michael New

Music has several components and nuances that you need to pay attention to as a beginner to develop your basics perfectly. Michael New’s channel concentrates exactly on this! You should definitely follow his channel if you wish to master the following:

  • Understanding harmony
  • Reading music
  • Decoding how rhythms work

He provides in-depth tips and tricks that will help you grasp the concepts in the quickest time possible. If you are someone who deals with a lot of nervousness while performing, you should check out the tips that he discusses in his videos!

3. Nahre Sol

Is learning to play the piano your biggest dream? Then, Nahre Sol’s channel is the one-stop destination for all your needs in this regard! She is a pianist who is also a renowned trainer and composer. She publishes videos in a series format which includes:

  • Genre Exploring
  • How To Sound Like

4. Sideways

Are you interested in learning about the technicalities involved in film music production? Is your answer yes to that question? Then, Sideways is the YouTube channel that will cater to your requirements to the T! They specialize exclusively in film music education.

They touch upon a multitude of topics which include:

  • Music Theories
  • Themes
  • Arrangements
  • Composition

5. Music Theory Guy

For visual learners who enjoy learning through animated lectures and illustrations, Music Theory Guy is the best channel! Spearheaded by Stephen Wiles, this channel covers all the fundamental topics of music in a highly lucid manner!

The overall quality of the videos and the production value involved in this channel is pretty excellent. It is one of the main reasons you should invest your time in this YouTube channel to hone your basics.


Hence, we have reached the end of this guide to the best YouTube channels in the domain of online music learning! We hope you gained all the required information through this compilation and are able to make an informed choice.


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