Top 7 Intermediate Songs to Learn on Guitar

If you are someone who has been playing the guitar for a while now, you can upgrade your level from Beginner to Intermediate. In this category, you explore the strumming patterns, the chords that are a little more complicated than beginner level guitar.

Intermediate is a subjective term, for some people what is intermediate may not seem as difficult as for others. Some might find these songs under the category of advanced levels or even beginner, it is a subjective category. However, these are some songs that use more chords and strumming patterns as compared to beginner-level songs.

7 Intermediate Songs to Learn and Practice on Guitar

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

This song has an intricate guitar solo towards the start that makes it an intermediate song to learn on the guitar. It is considered one of the greatest acoustic rock songs of the time. The most tricky part of the song is the strumming patterns as they keep changing throughout the song. Being able to read the tabs and listening to the song a couple of times will help you get a hang of the strumming and tones of the song. It is a beautiful song that has a lot of time allotted to the guitar solo in it.

Can’t Stop by Red Hot Chili Peppers

This is a great song for intermediate guitarists. It is even better if you have an electric guitar. You can also learn it on an acoustic guitar if you don’t have an electric one. The bridge and the intro of the song are what make it slightly difficult. However, this song has a very easy to strum and a catchy tune that makes it slightly easier to learn it. This song follows a reggae style in which the bridge part of the song requires precise strumming. The tabs for the song are available on many websites that you can follow and perfect the song.

Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

A classic slow and mellow love song that you can learn to play on the guitar. The strumming pattern is easy and it has only 4 chords throughout the song. However, the way Ed Sheeran plays the guitar for this song has a lot of intricate finger techniques. He borrowed these from the 1940s rock songs making this song a little more complicated than just four chords. You need to be able to learn and practice this technique to be able to play the song correctly. It is a crucial step to be able to play the melody of the song correctly.

Patience by Guns N Roses

This is the perfect rock song for an acoustic guitar. It has a very catchy and beautiful melody that was once a big hit in the 80s. It does have a very unique fingerstyle that can be developed with practice. It is a nine chord song where the intro alone requires a lot of practice to perfect. If you are someone who has been playing the guitar for some time, with some practice and precision you will be able to learn this song.

Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

This song is solely dependent on the guitar and of course the singing. It includes riffs and precise strumming. The difficult part of the song is to piece all the pieces together. This song in total focuses on eight chords. You can start by learning each part of the song separately and work on perfecting it. Once you are certain about each part then you can rope it all together and play the song. If you also learn to sing to the song while playing it might make it easier to learn the song.

Hotel California by Eagles

An all-time favorite song, that is still being played almost everywhere. This song has an intricate guitar solo towards the end which can be considered an advanced level of guitar. However, the starting of the song is easier to play. It requires a lot of finger play, almost a finger exercise. This soft rock song is a great piece to understand the basics of the guitar.

Blackbird by Beatles

This song is a great fingerstyle starter tune. It has a consistent rhythm throughout the song with changes in the chords. Paul McCartney uses just his thumb and index finger to get the tune. It might look complicated but if you look closely this song is a perfect transition song to learn from beginner to intermediate. It has a great melody that can be remembered easily.

If you are shifting from a beginner to an intermediate level in your guitar playing, these songs are the perfect transition songs. Always remember that you will not get it on the first try but make sure you don’t give up. Keep trying and you will master the art of playing the guitar. Know more about Music Pandit’s guitar courses by visiting the courses page.


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