Top 7 Songwriting Tips for Beginners

The love for music is universal! Many express their love for music by dancing to it, singing it, playing it or even listening to it. Still, others, do so by creating their own music. If you are constantly coming up with a catchy chord progression or maybe a melody with lyrics and love creating music, there’s no doubting that you are a songwriter.

Yes, it is enough to simply begin with that single musical idea as long as you desire to write more in future. If you have never before written a song but are dreaming of creating one, read these songwriting tips given here to accomplish this dream.

Know Where To Begin

This is often the most difficult part of the entire process of songwriting. Most people start with working on developing the song’s central chorus or main melody and you could do the same. Once you have got your key chord progression or hook you can work on building the rest of your song around it. If you are unable to find the right melody for your song does not worry.

You can instead start at the beginning of your song by writing an excellent introduction for it which in turn can lead to growing the rest of your song. In fact, you can totally choose whether you want to write your lyrics down first and then think up your tune for it. Once you have begun you can play with your idea and add to it or modify it too

Focus on Studying the Greats in the Genre of Your Choice

It is not a surprising fact that many of the best songwriters are also big music history nerds who listen to hit songs on repeat to figure out what makes them hits. It could be relatable lyrics, an infectious beat or catchy melodies or maybe something else that makes a song great. Sincerely studying the great singer-songwriters of the past is an essential step for any songwriter. Listen to these songs not just as an audience but with an ear for music as a songwriter.

Let Go of your Ego

During songwriting, it is important to forget about your ego! While doing so is not at all easy, losing your ego is vital if you want to become a good songwriter. The reason this is necessary is that you must be willing to make a mess of your songs initially and even write a few songs that sound awful before you are able to write good ones.

Lyrics are Important

Unless you are writing instrumental music only, the lyrics of your song are its most important part. As, while music can bring out tone and emotion in people it is the lyrics that attract people most to a song. It is what audience members sing back during live performances. Writing out the lyrics for your song can be the hardest part of the songwriting process. However, with some thought, you can pin down what you want to speak about in your song. After that, all you have to do is play around with the tempo and rhythm of your words in order to fit them into a melody.


During the songwriting process it is necessary that you play around, mix things up, discover your style and experiment to see where your musical hunger lies.

Join a Group of Songwriters

Moreover, it will help you tremendously to hang around with a group of songwriters who are better than you. Sharing your work with them will enable you to find out how much progress you have made in terms of structure, development and ideas.

Record the Songwriting Ideas That Come to Your Mind

The greatest tragedy for a songwriter is that he or she comes up with awesome lyrics or a riff and then completely forgets them. You cannot afford to forget your ideas so it is essential that you make a note of it as soon as it occurs to you. You can use your smartphone for this and make a note whenever you feel inspired by an idea. You could even record a 10 -20 second chord progression or riff so you can write your song from it.


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