5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Piano as Your First Instrument

When it comes to music, then there is a lot of vastness. The way we interpret our stories through music makes us dive deeper into the vastness. You can find a number of instruments that can define the music differently in their own way.

In such a scenario, it becomes quite difficult to choose and decide on the instrument in your musical journey. So, to make things easy for you, we have come up with 5 reasons you should choose the piano as your first instrument. Let us have a look:

5 Reasons to Choose Piano as Your First Instrument

Linear View

One of the great aspects of the piano is that it has a simple and linear layout. So, with linear representation, it gets quite easy for the student to see and understand the piano visually. Other than this, it has black and white keys in which pitch ascends from left to right.

Hence, it can get easy for anyone to learn piano and you would have a lot better understanding of theory as per the visual representation.

Harmony, Melody and Rhythm

The three most important core elements of music are considered to be harmony, melody and rhythm. The piano is perhaps one of those elements that cover up all the fundamental concepts. When you are playing piano, then harmony, melody and rhythm all come into play.

So, if you spend more time playing and practicing, then you would easily understand how the melody is differentiated from harmony, the coexistence between the two as well as how rhythm is applied to the other two elements.


When coordination between left and right-hand takes place, then accompaniment and melody can be played simultaneously. In this way, cognitive skills can get better and hence overall performance of hands and minds is improved. Other than this, you would also realize how single notes combined can help in building a musical piece or harmony.

Solid foundation

One of the benefits of the piano as an instrument is that you can easily understand the music theory as well as sight reading. Also, for reading piano notes, the grand staff is used which is quite easy to read and it can be quite handy if you move to other instruments.

Additionally, it is seen that music theory plays a very important role when creating music or playing any instrument. So, with piano, learning music theory becomes quite easy with the assistance of piano layout.


The piano is a highly advanced instrument that is used in the film and professional music industry. So, if you learn piano, then it will help to achieve your long-term goals when it comes to music. Also, with the help of MIDI technology, the piano can be used to play all types of instruments such as drums and violin.

Other than this, you would be able to record your own ideas as well. Furthermore, it is backed with advanced technology which can assist in executing, playing, recording and programming all kinds of instruments.

Final Verdict

Above are some of the reasons why you should choose the piano as your first instrument. It can turn out to be your honest companion and help you out in your musical journey. Also, you would experience a very soothing sound when your fingertips would touch the keys of your piano.

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