5 Strategies for Convincing Your Kid Not to Quit Music Lessons

Kids often skip their passion and desire once they realise it is not easy to find perfection. They don’t even take time to decide to quit the journey of learning art when they find any difficulties on their way. And it gets tough for the parents to encourage the child to keep the motion and pace throughout the journey.

If you also find your child getting discouraged and getting off track from their musical learning journey, we would highly recommend considering this brief blog.

Here, we have covered some of the common yet integral steps to follow to encourage the child and ensure he is motivated to follow the learning journey. Because for any child, having a co-curricular skill matters a lot today!

So how can you keep your child motivated in music lessons? The following recommendations may help.

5 Strategies to Help Kids Stay Interested in their Music Lessons

Speak to the Mentor and Change the Tutor if Required

Let the music tutor of the child know that he is finding it tough to continue the musical journey. He can perhaps help the child and encourage him to move ahead. If you still find the step not worthy, we would suggest thinking about changing the tutor.

Because a good mentor is the one who can keep a child motivated throughout the journey. Sometimes a teacher or his personal style doesn’t fit the child, thus, here in such scenarios, picking up another tutor can help.

Or, check, if your kid seems happy by the idea of finding a new teacher, or is simply willing to try, it’s probably time to make the switch.

Don’t Pressurize

Don’t pressurize the child to continue the learning, it won’t be easy and will end up diverting the kid more.

Parents often come up pressurising their kids thinking they will continue the journey and eventually learn the skill. No! Don’t do that.

Music is not something that can be learnt when a child is pressurized. It needs a calm mind and inner curiosity and interest to move on the journey of learning music.

Ensure That the Kid Likes and Carry Interests

Learning music or any art form is important but when it comes to music as a passion, a parent shall encourage the student to learn whatever they like and enjoys playing.

Be a Practice Partner

If the child is younger than ten or twelve years, he may just requisite a boost of support and encouragement while he practices.

When someone accompanies the children while they are practising or performing, he gets quite motivated and encouraged. He starts enjoying the practice thinking that someone is there to judge and monitor, there’s someone beside him makes him truly relish the practice and this has been recognized as one of the best ways to encourage the child to continue learning any art form, including music.

Play the Music or Musical Instruments at Home

To build an interest in music learning, one of the best ways is to let the child listen to music and musical instruments. The more he listens and heeds these practices going on, the more interest he will develop. Try playing music or musical instruments at home and then help the child in engaging them in finding more songs of similar niche or more ways to play the instrument. This entire process will build my passion for music.


It is integral to learn to take part in any co-curricular activities, considering music. Music learning has been recognized as one of the best ways to boost memory and stay positive.

But maintaining the pace while learning music is not an easy task, especially for the kids, thus parents need to ponder and help the child in maintaining the speed and learn this art.

Here in this blog, we have covered some of the integral steps to help a child and encouraging him on his music learning journey. Also you should read this article: Benefits of Online Music Lessons That Every Parent Should Know


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