Benefits of Online Music Lessons That Every Parent Should Know

If you are on the fence about enrolling your child in live online music classes, consider the numerous benefits of signing up your little ones for music lessons. Maybe he/she may not be the next Mozart or Beethoven, but they may have an easier time learning new things, including Maths and good behaviour. More significantly, kids who study music emerge as confident, promising and polished individuals.

Online Music Class

Having said that, in the present day, your child can learn music from the comforts of your home. Online music lessons are a great alternative to face-to-face or in-person classes. As a matter of fact, there is a lot of demand for online music classes across the world today. Why? There are many reasons for such growth in this space.

Benefits of Online Music Lessons

Online music lessons come with the convenience and flexibility of learning from anywhere and anytime. With online lessons, students also get a personalised solution to all their music learning needs. Besides these obvious benefits that kids and parents get, there are some significant reasons worth thinking about if you’re considering live online music courses.

Direct Access to Best Music Teachers

With online music education, students have the freedom to choose an expert or their favourite music teacher. Since they are not restricted to any region, learners can even take lessons from instructors who live in different parts of the world.

In essence, learning from the right teacher makes sense. Not only do students learn from the best, but they gain the knowledge and skills to play their instruments well. There’s more! The teacher will have a lesson plan specifically developed for his/her students based on their goals and level of expertise. Your child might even get additional feedback, advice or help through email or instant messages!

Comfort and Convenience

Online lessons eliminate the need for children to travel to and from music schools. Kids can learn comfortably from their homes. When kids learn online, they are safe at home. Parents need not worry about what might happen to them in an unknown place.

Their learning setup, including instruments, gear and computers, is also within reach.

Alternatively, they do not have to drive or get stuck in traffic and the commute time saved by children and the poor chauffeuring parents can be put to better use. Kids will have more time to complete homework and engage in other activities. Parents can spend their time with other members of the family or get some important work done.

Immediate Practising and Music Theory Retention

One of the useful benefits of online learning is that students do not have to wait 30-40 minutes for the drive back home. At the end of every online lesson, they can immediately start practising and applying what they’ve learned while playing the instrument while it is still fresh in their minds. In this way, they can learn more effectively and keep the concepts (music theory) that they have learnt for a longer period.

More Time For Music Practise and Skill Development

Online music classes can be highly beneficial if your child is learning an instrument, especially for the first time. This mode of learning gives students anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour extra time to practise their instrument every week. Instead of commuting to music school or academy, students can spend that time warming up, going through material taught in lessons or learning something new.

If you talk to an experienced musician, you’ll quickly learn that time is of great importance in music. Students who devote more time to practise and develop their techniques will be able to play their instruments more skillfully.

If time is of the essence, consider online music lessons for your kids.

Fewer Distractions

As per studies conducted by experts, it has been revealed that there is 36% more distraction in physical face-to-face learning as compared to virtual learning. Learning music online not only eliminates the distraction factor but students learn with better concentration since there is more eye contact with the teacher.

Another study has also reported that students learned 22% more effectively in an online class. Comparatively, students can learn the content of 5 offline classes in just 4 online sessions.

Tech Features that Make Learning Easy

In online lessons, students can always take advantage of the platform and its distinct features (tools and software). For instance, they can always refer to the recorded online lessons for better clarity or if they have missed that class. Basically, children can learn more at their own pace. Online music lessons are available around the clock. Now, this is not possible while learning via offline classes.

This mode of learning also solves a lot of problems related to repeating topics in physical classes or paying extra for added lessons, etc. Parents can also see how classes are conducted, which helps maintain transparency in how lessons are taught, what the teacher is saying and what is expected from students and their parents.

In addition, teachers can share various content, including musical games, quizzes, reading material, videos and so much more to ensure students learn correctly and in a fun manner.

Progress Tracking

To improve at anything, it is very important to keep a record of daily progress. Why not upgrade with technology and start using it to learn and practise music? Online music schools usually have a learning management system in place. This system allows the instructors to keep a track of topics covered, practice videos, assignments, grading and progress made over the duration of the course. Teachers and parents both know exactly where their children/students are and what progress they are making.

Saves Your Energy and Cost-effectiveness

Consider the energy and money spent on travel and parking. Consider the costs for child care, pet care, or any other care that you need to provide while you are away from home. Consider the higher cost of one-on-one lessons in an offline setting. One of the key advantages of virtual classrooms is that you can save both energy and money. Online music schools usually charge way less than offline academies. Besides, you further save the money you would have used commuting to and from music classes.

As digital technology continues to grow at a fast pace, online learning is quickly becoming a key resource for children and adults who want to learn music. Not only that, but online learning is playing an important role in child’s hobbies by providing new outlets for art, creativity and self-expression.

Taking online music lessons is a great way to learn an instrument and develop one’s creativity.

With all that said, if you want to explore the wonderful world of music and start learning an instrument or singing online, we at Music Pandit are ready to point you in the right direction. Get in touch with our experts to know which course would be ideal for you or your child.


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