7 Surprising Health Benefits of Singing

While singing feels joyous and satisfying and boosts our social circle, what is little known is that it offers many health benefits too. Given here is a list of seven physicals, emotional and mental health benefits of singing.

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Singing

Health Benefits of Singing

Singing Boosts Your Immune System

Scientists have found that singing regularly whether it be at your local choir or just by yourself helps boost your immune system. Researchers have conclusively proved that singers have greater levels of antibodies in their blood after only an hour of singing. Singing makes you feel more energised by releasing endorphins into your system. So people who sing feel healthier and more uplifted than people who do not. Singing also gives your lungs a workout. It tones your intercostal and abdominal muscles and your diaphragm and stimulates greater circulation.

Singing Improves Your Body Posture

Every singer knows that slouching while singing is problematic. So when singing people naturally straighten their spines, pull back their shoulders and open out their chests. When you do this your singing improves because your airways are now open and your breathing has improved. So when you practice being in the right posture every day to improve your singing, it becomes a habit and you start maintaining a good posture. This is vital for live performances as well as audiences place their faith in artists who are able to project confidence, enthusiasm and passion and when you stand straight you automatically feel more brave and confident.

Singing Helps You Manage Asthma Better

Many believe that people with asthma have a handicap while singing. The truth is that singing enables such individuals to manage asthma better. The reason being that singing makes you put emphasis on your breathing thereby regulating your breath and this helps with managing asthma. However, while singing makes sure to have your inhaler handy too.

Singing Helps in Reducing Anxiety

Listening to music, it has been found, relaxes people. Likewise, singing also enhances the feeling of relaxation in a person. This is again due to breath control. Because singing involves the regulation of breathing therefore it assists in keeping away anxiety and panic attacks. It is a feel-good exercise and can uplift one’s mood.

Singing Reduces Stress Levels

If you sing in the shower you will realise that singing is an excellent stress-reliever. It has been scientifically proven that singing reduces the levels of cortisol in one’s body. Cortisol is a stress hormone and having less of it is better for one’s health. Singing is also a brilliant way to forget about the problems you may be facing in real life for some time and focus your energies on something more positive and healing than just worrying.

Singing Helps You Sleep Better

Good sleep is vital for a singer as it has very many benefits. Experts say that singing can help with specific types of sleep disorders. This may be because singing strengthens the muscles of the throat which in turn can minimise snoring and reduce sleep apnoea. If you are having difficulty in sleeping, and don’t know how to have a good night’s rest, try singing loudly. It will tire you out and make you sleepy. Music is known to have a soothing effect on sleep. 

Singing Boosts your Self-Confidence

Many people feel that they cannot sing but after giving it a try sometimes with a professional’s help they realise that they can in fact sing rather well. Singing is an excellent way to boost your self-confidence. Anyone can sing. If you can talk, you have a voice and it is all that you require to sing. People have reported feeling a rush when they stand up and sing initially and even more so as they improve in their singing capabilities.

Additionally, singing is also about learning something new, meeting new people and having a great time enjoying it. It enables you to give up your inhibitions and allows you to be yourself. It is a personalised way of nurturing your talent and yourself because singing gets you out of your comfort zone and empowers you. It gives you meaning and purpose that is rewarding and challenging. What’s more, it can also help with mindfulness and make one meditative.

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