8 incredible Tips on How to Start Singing

Since the time humans started to communicate, share stories of love and estrangement, of kings and kingdoms, songs came into existence. Think of birds, how beautiful they hum and whistle in springtime. Is that any less than singing?

Even humankind takes resort to songs to celebrate various festivals and occasions. Chants, hymns, carols, choruses are examples of early forms of song, predominantly sung on religious occasions. The ballads sung by the Troubadours were early instances of folk song, where a story or an event would be depicted through songs.

8 incredible Tips on How to Start Singing - Singing Girl
In today’s world, we have many genres of songs such as romantic, folk, classical, semi-classical, rock, pop etc. Above all, singing is a quality that distinguishes you from the group. It is a form of art that needs to be perfected through dedication, practice and indomitable zeal to excel every day. Here are eight incredible tips on how to start singing.

8 Tips on How to Start Singing

1. Get Your Basics Right

This might sound a cliché but the truth is that you have to master the basics of singing before you become a pro. Especially, at a beginner’s level, you should focus on only one thing – get your basics right.

First of all, you have to know the notes. Music is a universal language and exactly like mathematical numbers, the notes are the same for everyone. There are seven notes that you must sing in ascending and descending order every day and feel the notes while you rehearse.

2. Never Distort Your Own Voice

This is once again an elementary object of how to start singing. We all have a unique tonal quality of voice, which in musical terminology is referred to as the timbre of voice. Putting simply, our voice ranges from a very deep low-pitched timbre to a shrill high-pitched timbre. You have to understand and respect your own timbre of voice. Nourish and nurture your own voice and never ever try to mellow down or croon your voice in the pursuit of imitation.

3. Decide on the Genre You Are Comfortable With

As discussed, there are multiple genres of song, starting from pure classical to rock and metallic. None of them is better than the other. So, before you start advanced singing, you must decide on the genre that attracts you, where you feel comfortable. You can put your heart into the songs of your favourite genre. To begin with whatever genre makes you hum and sway!

4. Listen, Listen and Listen

Listen to your favourite songs or your favourite artists time and again. This is more like doing a post-mortem of the songs so that you are well-acquainted with every note, every pause of the songs. It helps you sing the songs perfectly. And as you start singing your favourite songs correctly, you will be beaming with self-assurance that can take you forward.

5. Have Respect for the Art

It goes without saying that you cannot shine in a field that you don’t respect. If you want to take up singing seriously, if singing well matters to you a lot, then you must respect the art form. Let singing not be one of your passing hobbies.

6. Don’t Be Shy to Make Mistakes

Even if you are a prodigy, you are supposed to goof up in the initial phases. While you learn how to sing, you must overcome your fear of failure. Understand that you fail because you try to achieve something bigger in life. Do not hesitate to sing since you are scared to make mistakes.

7. Take Good Care of Your Voice

For singers, their voice is their asset. Start taking good care of your voice from the very first day. Protect your throat from extreme cold weather. Practise breathing as it plays an instrumental role in singing. Eat healthy food that does not affect your well-being. Of course, smoking is a big NO for singers. Above all, prepare a routine to look after your voice daily.

8. Seek Guidance From the Expert Tutor

Last but not the least, you must seek guidance from a veteran music teacher. Singing is a form of art that takes time to perfect. You must be patient and keep rehearsing under the able guidance of a coach, who understands and values your voice. Before you start improvising, prepare a strong base.

Now that there are multiple online platforms that will help you to learn how to sing, the time has come for you to finally start with your passion. Wish you all the best in your singing career!

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