Amateur to Professional: How to Turn Guitar Playing Into a Career

Guitar playing can be a fun and enjoyable hobby, but it can also lead to a successful career if done correctly. There are a few things that you need to do to take your guitar playing from just being a hobby to a professional career and in a successful manner.

To get started, you need to focus on your techniques and try to master them.

Secondly, be creative and try to compose some originals. Thirdly, ensure that you are marketable. You are also guided to follow the henceforth mentioned tips for becoming a professional guitarist.

However, we must state that learning guitar from scratch and becoming a professional is a long journey. Growing as a musician requires spending time with your instrument and developing consistency.

That being said, here are some helpful tips to get you off on the right foot and keep you on your way to becoming a professional guitarist.

Tips to Turn Your Guitar-Playing Hobby into a Career

Practice is Key To Everything

The first aspect is to practice the techniques enough and master the fretboard fully so that you can play any song or improvise upon certain tunes or melodies expertly. When you have gained a such level of proficiency, you can be called a pro-level guitar player. At this stage, you can seriously think about turning your guitar playing into a career.

A professional guitar player is expected to move with the music and express the emotions of the song. Practice playing while standing, and walking. In addition, you should also interact with other musicians on stage. A good guitar player should also be enthusiastic about performing and dancing. You should never hesitate to ask questions to improve yourself. Asking questions is the right way to learn.

Taking Formal Guitar Classes

You should also attend a music college or school if you are serious about becoming a guitar professional. What we are trying to say is, basically, you will need some certification or degree if you are planning to teach music at a later stage. And not just that, by going through the formal music lessons you will have all the required knowledge about music theory and more.

You will have the opportunity to meet with some of the best guitar players in the business, and they will be more than happy to share their knowledge with you. Additionally, taking music classes will give you a better foundation in other areas of music, like songwriting and the music industry.

It is advisable to choose guitar classes from an experienced professional. Having an in-person or offline batch is not mandatory at all. You can join the online guitar classes at any time.

Guitar as a Full-Time Career Option

While you can become a professional guitar player with a degree in music, you must be prepared to work hard and be a businessperson. You must learn how to price your services and know when to say no. You will also encounter many bad gigs along the way. Learning how to handle these situations will help you to make money as a guitar player.

Search for the Relevant Communities

Once you have decided to become a guitar professionally and also completed your formal lessons, the next step would be to join musician groups or communities. They can play a huge role in your guitar career. With the help of the right community, you can easily get your next opportunity to either perform for paid gigs or become a teacher. You get leads about how to proceed further to build a lucrative career in guitar playing.

Find a Relevant Job

Alternatively, if you want to work professionally as a guitarist, one of the best ways to earn money is to work as a session guitarist. This gives you the freedom to work alongside talented musicians on TV and radio shows. You can even sell your compositions to companies for use in adverts or as the soundtrack to TV series. You may also land a regular job playing guitar on reality shows.

Invest in Professional Gear and Instruments

If you are planning to go professional then you will need to invest in some good instruments and high-quality gear. Not just any guitar will do, but a good one that offers good sound and playability. Additionally, you will need proper gear such as effect pedals, amps, and recording setup which will give you a leg up on your competition. Investing in the right guitar and amp, picks and strings, and cables will all be essential to your success.

A piece of advice, before you start investing be sure to research thoroughly and have proper knowledge about everything that you are looking for. With the right training and equipment, you will be on the path to achieving your goal of turning your hobby of guitar playing into a career.

Wrapping Up!

The path from basic to professional is long. One cannot expect to become an expert overnight. A lot of practice, guidance, and dedication is required to reach a pro-level stage. Now that you got a glimpse of how to become a professional guitar player, how about checking out some professionals like Music Pandit. Staying in touch with a professional for guitar playing is just like having a smooth pathway in the journey of learning.


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