5 Common Guitar Mistakes to Avoid for Better Performances

It is common to commit several mistakes while you are learning or playing the guitar. These mistakes will get converted into habits if you do not correct them with time and hinder your musical journey. Since learning guitar is challenging and rewarding, you are bound to make mistakes while still a beginner. But, you should take care to rectify them before it becomes a bad habit.

In this article, we have put together 5 guitar mistakes you can make while playing the instrument. However, correcting them will help you improve your skill and make your overall performance better.

Common Guitar Mistakes to Avoid

Implementing too Much Exertion While Playing

First and foremost, the biggest mistake a guitarist do, while learning the instrument is exerting too much pressure or force while pressing the fretboard string. It is common to make this mistake for the amateurs as they believe exerting too much force, than usual will produce more soothing and well-tuned sounds.

The truth is the physical actions while playing the guitar should be comparatively hassle-free. By this, we mean it is easy to learn the scales, playing rhythms, or improvise the tune. We are trying to implement that playing guitar is not a high-intensity exercise session, you have to put your fingers lightly on the guitar strings, and it will produce soothing music.

The primary reason the guitarist exerts too much pressure on the equipment is the wrong positioning of the finger. The correct finger positioning is to place it near the fret wire closet. Remember not to press in the position above the fret wire but behind it. This point will require minimum pressure for creating a clean and superb shot. It is also applicable for the chords. You have to place the thumb and the wrist for placing your thumb. Do not apply much pressure, instead of managing the position of your finger and maintain an effortless and light touch.

Playing the Guitar Improperly

You need to hold the guitar correctly, but beginners make this mistake frequently. But you can avoid this mistake by keeping the instrument in the following ways.

  • Sit with your knees placed at a right angle.
  • Place the waist of the guitar on the right thigh top.
  • Put the upper part of the right arm on the guitar top, so the forearm remains free to move.

Getting Learning Lessons from Numerous People

Now that you have known about the basics, you will get tempted to learn guitar lessons from various professional tutors. But always remain about whom you will select. What might work perfectly for one student might not suit you well. Stick to one teacher and practice one concept till you are comfortable with it and move on to the next one.

Going at a Rapid Pace

It is never a good idea to go too fast while you are still in the learning phase. Mastering a strumming technique properly takes adequate time, thus trying to play a song after learning a new method and notes at tempo will lead to the development of bad habits. Try to build up and play the faster tempos at least 50% slow at first. At a slow speed, you can concentrate more and ensure that the technique is correct.

Occasionally Tuning Your Guitar

Playing an out-of-tune guitar is the biggest blunder one can have during a performance. Before converting the mistake into your habit, rectify it soon. Playing an incorrectly tuned guitar will lead you to learn the wrong chords, which will affect your confidence. Thus always remember to tune your guitar well before performing.

Final Words

The learning process will never be out of mistakes, but you have to correct them and be aware of never making them again. By taking care of the above points, your mistakes will never become bad habits and make you a top-performing guitarist.


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