Different Types of Guitars for Beginners: A Complete Guide!

If you are a beginner, then a lot of questions might be coming to your mind such as what is the best type of guitar that is available in the market. But as you buy a guitar, it is also important that you take music classes where you can learn about how to play the guitar.

The easiest way would be to take up online guitar classes. It is convenient and you can learn from the comforts of your own home.

Types of Guitars

Having said that let us learn about the different types of guitars below.

Types of Guitars

In the market, there are different kinds of guitars (brands, styles, functionality) available for beginners. Let us have a look:

Classical Guitar with Nylon Strings

Another type of guitar that is good for beginners is the classical guitar having nylon strings. The nylon strings that are present on the following type of guitar produce a pleasant and soft sound which is one of the advantages of this guitar.

Acoustic Guitar with Steel Strings

Acoustic guitars having steel strings are quite recommended as a guitar for beginners as they are available at a very reasonable price.  These acoustic guitars come with steel strings that help out in producing a louder and brighter quality of sound.

They are also very durable and thus they can last for a long. Further, they are made of wood and whenever you play them, the sound comes from the sound hole. Thus, it doesn’t need any external electricity or amplifiers.

Semi-acoustic Guitar

An electro-acoustic guitar is similar to acoustic guitar with any extra feature of electronic pickup. The role of an electronic pickup is for amplifying the sound without the need of a microphone for recording the music on guitar.

Electric Guitars

Another type of guitar is the Electric guitar. It needs some kind of amplification and you will need to purchase additional gear such as amplifier and guitar processors to get a proper sound. You can also use software with decent headphones and audio interface. These guitar are a lot easier to play as they tend to have low-string action. They come in different styles and this a musician has a wide options to choose from. A decent beginner electric guitar normally starts from Rs. 15,000 in India.

How to Select a Guitar for a Beginner?


Price is one of the important factors to keep in mind if you are looking to purchase a guitar. A guitar for a beginner can come in a budget of 5000 INR in India if you want to learn guitar seriously. On the contrary, if you have a super low budget, then you can get an acoustic guitar starting at 2000 INR. So, you should keep in mind that the more value that you invest, the better quality of guitar you would get.


If you are looking to purchase a guitar, then the quality of the strings should be taken into consideration as well. If you compromise on the quality of strings, then you may not get the perfect quality of sound.

Shape, Size and Sound of the Guitar

Some of the common sizes of the guitar are classified into medium-sized, small-sized & full-sized. Also, there are different types of shapes available for guitars which includes cutaway, dreadnought, etc. So, you can select them based on the requirement that you might be having.

Build Quality

Build quality matters a lot if you are looking to buy a guitar as a beginner. You should check the quality of wood used for building up the body of the guitar. The different guitar tone woods used are Rosewood, Linden wood, Ebony wood, etc.

Final Verdict

There are different types of guitars available in the market for a beginner and you can select them based on the budget and needs that you might be having.

Further, if you want to learn guitar or take online music classes, then we do offer a fully structured lessons for beginners. We have trained 1000+ students to date and our classes are quite fun and interesting. So, get in touch if you want to kickstart your journey to learn guitar as a beginner.


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