Do You Want to Master Western Vocals Quickly?

If you want to master western vocals quickly then the best way to do so is to enrol for singing lessons with a good western vocals singing tutor. Given the current situation where it is not possible to learn western vocals in a physical brick and mortar classroom, you could still access online resources like YouTube, vlogs and even online singing lessons to do so. We have shared some useful singing tips on how you can speed up your mastery of western vocals.

Fix Your Posture

Having the correct posture when you sing is very important. It is the easiest and quickest way to sing better. So if you are experiencing trouble in getting your vocal tone and power right, then start with correcting your posture. The right singing posture is called tall posture and it simply means that you keep your body in good alignment to sound the best you can. You just need to take three steps to accomplish this tall posture.

Stand up straight without slouching, keeping your back straight and with your feet apart. Now bring your shoulders in line exactly with your hips and feet. Finally, lift your chest comfortably and ensure that your chin and neck are straight. Do this in front of a big mirror.

Learn to Breathe Correctly

Breathing is essential for singing. You need to learn to breathe properly if you want to improve your western vocal skills. Correct breathing for singing is known as diaphragmatic breathing. It means that you breathe from your diaphragm or your stomach rather than from your shoulders or chest. This is because when you breathe from your diaphragm and stomach, you take more efficient and fuller breaths.

Learn to Sing on Pitch

Your listeners can make out if you are singing on pitch or not in seconds. To learn to sing on pitch you need a good vocal coach. To sing in tune all you need is correct feedback and some excellent vocal techniques.

Learn to Project Your Voice

What’s the point of singing well if people cannot hear you? The fact is that you must learn to project your singing when mastering western vocals. Doing this is rather easy as all you need to do is follow a couple of simple vocal exercises. The best way to project is by using the power of the voice you speak with when you sing. Put simply, when you speak, your voice is naturally projected and resonant as you are making an effort to communicate with clarity. So when you apply the same feeling to your singing, you project clearly too.

Use Your Chest Voice to Sing

While it is easy to get confused between your chest voice and head voice when you are starting out, eventually, you learn the difference between the two and the importance of both. You can feel your chest voice by placing your hand on your chest and saying your name aloud in a high volume. The vibration you feel is your chest voice. It is important that you sing with a strong chest voice.

Learn to Sing in Your Head Voice

Head voice is used to describe notes at the top of a vocal range. You can experience it by placing your hands on the backside of your neck. Now sing a high note on an “ooh” vowel. You will feel a vibration on the back of your hand. This head voice is important because it is responsible for the high notes within your voice. If you sing high notes with your chest voice instead of with your head voice, you will be unnecessarily straining your voice. Plus you will have flat notes. It is best to sing with a mix of chest voice and head voice.

Learn to Song

Belting is a term used for singing higher notes with your chest voice. However, you need to be careful while doing this as there is a correct way and a wrong way to do this. Instead of just using your chest voice, use a mix of your head voice too.

Learn to Sing with Vibrato

Vibrato is a quick shake or shimmer that one hears when a singer holds a particular note. Even beginners should try to find a little vibrato in their voices.

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