How to Record Vocals at Home: Tips and Tricks

Singing professionally and recording vocals at home can be a tough task if you do not have the right equipment and prior insight in this regard. Worry no more, for we are here to help you with this issue precisely!

Now, you can successfully record vocals at home professionally with minimal stress! Our tips and tricks have been carefully compiled to help you ensure that you rock your recordings from the absolute comfort of your home!

Steps for Recording Vocals At Home

We shall be looking at the different steps that you can undertake to record top-quality vocals and also discuss the mistakes you should avoid while recording vocals at your home.

Prior Preparation

Proper planning and division of tasks take care of more than half of your job at hand! You can do the following steps before recording your songs to ensure that you do not falter midway through the process.

  1. Select a soundproof location at your home. An area with plenty of curtains can be a great choice. You can also add pillows for maximum insulation in the room!
  2. Place the microphone away from hard surfaces such as doors and windows. This will help you avoid echoes in the final recording.
  3. Acoustic panels play a huge role in deciding the quality of the recording. Since it might be difficult to procure them at your home, you can use mattresses, makeshift boards, and other similar products to create a temporary booth around you.

Setting Up The Microphone

The microphone’s quality and placement will help you make or break the overall recording. This part involves a lot of sub-processes that we have mentioned below:

  1. Adjusting the microphone and placing it in the perfect position near your mouth is one of the foremost steps you should take care of. The position of the mic plays a huge hand in deciding the quality of your vocals.
  2. If you are using a microphone with a condenser, you should stay at a distance of around 4 inches from the microphone to avoid distortion.

Mistakes To Avoid

Most singers make a lot of highly common mistakes that affect the quality of the output vocals drastically. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that you do not make the following errors while recording:

  1. Do not place the microphone in the exact center of the room while you record the vocals. This will aid you in controlling any unnecessary resonance that arises.
  2. Do not opt for extremely small or large rooms to record your vocals. A medium-sized room will work best for you and help you balance the external noises that might arise.
  3. Always go for multiple takes when you record your vocals. A single take might reflect mistakes upon later hearings. Hence, it is better to go for several takes.


Hence, we hope that our guide to recording your vocals at home helps you to ace your vocal game and nail your recordings with ease! Following our tips and tricks will ensure that you effortlessly record all your portions!

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