Essential Accessories for Beginner Guitarists: A Comprehensive Guide

You’ve just bought your first guitar and now you are planning to start your music learning journey. However, after you buy your guitar, you’ll soon realise that the instrument itself is just the beginning. There’s more to it!

For instance, when you start with your guitar lessons, learning new techniques can be tricky and playing the instrument (using picks, in the correct tempo and time signature etc.) can be a task. You don’t have to worry though. There are several essential accessories for “beginner guitarists” that can actually enhance your playing experience and help you progress faster.

In fact, there’s a long list of accessories you can add to your purchase. So , from practical tools to performance enhancers, this guide will walk you through the essential accessories that every beginner guitarist should consider. Besides, these accessories will ensure you have everything you need to make the most of your practice sessions and performances.

We recommend that you sort these out as you don’t need to get them all and have them in your arsenal. You can pick up the most important ones and then buy other accessories at a later stage.

Ready to make your life a little easier, then you can go through this detailed guide.

Why Do I Need Guitar Accessories?

Technically, you don’t need anything other than the instrument to begin playing. You have to know, the case with a new guitar is that it will go out of tune after playing for an hour or two.Sometimes the strings may also snap.

This is where having these accessories that you will likely already know about, as well as a few other optional choices that might be of assistance going forward that will be covered in this article.

Which accessories are pivotal to your journey will depend on a few factors like:

  • Whether you’ve purchased an electric, acoustic, or electric-acoustic guitar
  • Your level of experience, both playing guitar and with other instruments/ musical theory
  • Whether you plan to gig, play in a band, or record
  • Your budget
  • The genre of music you’re mostly playing

For example, a country or Americana guitarist might find solace in a slide, whereas a metal fanatic might be sickened at the very prospect. A live Shoegaze act will probably have more pedals than they have socks, but a novice learning on an acoustic won’t even have one. It’s worth keeping in mind not everything on this list will be suited to your needs.

Remember not to get too caught up in purchasing little bits and pieces instead of just playing. While some are necessary, overdoing it can turn into a distraction, like with downloading weird VSTs onto your DAW rather than making music.

No number of accessories will ever be an adequate substitute for hard work, creativity and fun.

Accessories for Beginner Guitarists

Learning to play the guitar can be an exciting journey but it requires more than just the instrument itself. To enhance your playing experience and develop your skills you will need to invest in must-have accessories and add them to your collection.

Guitar Strings and String Winder

Always remember to buy and keep spare guitar strings on hand. Strings can break unexpectedly especially when you’re still developing your technique.. However, you should also change them regularly to maintain the guitar’s sound quality. There are different types of strings available such as steel or nylon and they both produce unique tones. Be sure to choose the right gauge and material for your instrument. You can experiment to find the ones that suit your preferences.

Additionally, string winder is another valuable tool that makes changing strings easier and faster. It helps you unwind old strings and wind new ones quickly, saving you time and effort during string changes.

Guitar Picks

Guitar picks or plectrums are the next accessory that you must buy. These picks are small triangular pieces made from various materials such as plastic, nylon, or metal and come in various thicknesses. While they appear to be small, picks play a significant role in shaping the tone and attack of the guitar. They are essential for strumming, chords and picking individual notes.

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If you are a beginner, it’s recommended to start with a medium-thickness pick, as it provides a good balance between flexibility and control. You can try with different picks to find the one that complements your playing style. Always have a few spares, as picks tend to get lost easily.

Guitar Strap

If you want to play guitar while standing or during a performance, you will need a comfortable and adjustable guitar strap. This accessory helps distribute the weight of the guitar, reducing strain on your shoulders and back. It also provides better control over the instrument’s positioning, enabling you to focus on your performance.

A guitar strap offers great convenience and comfort during practice sessions and performances. Thus, when choosing a guitar strap, consider factors such as comfort, adjustability, and durability. Leather and nylon straps are popular choices due to their durability. Adjustable straps ensure that you can set the desired length to suit your height and playing style. In any case, there are a wide range of designs that you can choose from.

Guitar Case or Gig Bag

Protecting the guitar from damage is vital especially if you are travelling. You will need to get a well padded gig bag or a hardshell case that offers the necessary protection for the instrument. Such cases prevent scratches, dents, and other potential damages that may occur during travel or you can use the case to store the guitar safely when you are not playing it.

We suggest you get a hard-shell case as it provides maximum protection against impacts and temperature changes. Gig bags, on the other hand, are lightweight and offer some padding, making them suitable for shorter journeys or casual outings. Things you need to keep in mind while picking up a guitar case or bag include; cases or bags with sturdy handles, shoulder straps, and compartments for storing accessories like cables, picks, and extra strings. It is always good to invest in a reliable case or bag.

Guitar Stand

Apart from a bag or case, another way to conveniently and safely store your instrument is by using a guitar stand. Placing the guitar on a stand instead of leaning it against a wall or furniture reduces the risk of accidental falls and damage. One added advantage of using a stand is that it makes the guitar easily accessible, eliminating the need to take it in and out of a case repeatedly.

Guitar stands come in various designs, including floor stands, wall mounts, and compact foldable options for easy transport. In any case, you have to ensure that the stand is stable and has adequate padding to prevent scratches or dents on your guitar’s body.

Guitar Capo

A capo is a valuable and useful tool to have. This accessory allows guitarists to change the key of a song/ piece without altering their finger positions or changing the tuning. A capo usually clamps onto the neck of the guitar, raising the pitch by shortening the vibrating length of the strings.You can play different keys without having to learn new chord shapes.

Capos are particularly useful for playing along with songs, diverse musical styles or accommodating vocal ranges. When selecting a capo, ensure it has sufficient tension to hold the strings down firmly without causing buzzing or affecting intonation.

For any musician it is crucial to develop a sense of timing and rhythm. This is where a guitar metronome comes in handy wherein it helps beginner guitarists practise playing in sync with a consistent beat. Practising with a metronome will aid you in improving accuracy, speed, and overall musicality.

Guitar Cleaning Kit

If you want to maintain your guitar’s appearance and prolong its lifespan, regular cleaning is necessary. You can buy a guitar cleaning kit which typically includes polishes, cloths, and fretboard conditioners. These will keep the instrument in top condition and playing at its best.

Music Stand

While this is not directly related to guitar, practising with sheet music or learning from instructional books can become quite tedious if you do not have  a music stand. With the help of the stand you can set your reference materials at eye level, allowing you to concentrate on your playing, maintain a good posture without straining your neck.


If you are a beginner or a higher level guitarist, having the right accessories can greatly enhance your playing experience and progression. We have highlighted some essential accessories that every guitarist should consider. These accessories will not only improve your performance but also protect and maintain your instrument.

Remember, investing in quality accessories will ensure that you have everything you need to create beautiful music and enjoy your guitar journey to the fullest. Each accessory mentioned here will contribute to your musical growth. However, while you may not need all the things given here, choose accessories that align with your preferences and playing style. With the right tools at hand, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a skilled and confident guitarist.


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