First 5 Songs You Should Learn on the Piano

As a beginner in the world of playing the piano, you might wonder which are the easiest songs to play on the instrument. Knowing these songs at the very beginning of your journey in the sphere is good because it is enjoyable, builds your confidence and encourages you to play more complicated songs later. Whether you are learning the instrument for your own pleasure or as a career option, you will find playing the piano very rewarding if you play it well.

As you will learn, music comprises of pitch (the sound of the note) and rhythm (how quickly or gradually you move from one note to the other). It is necessary to remember that easy songs are those that do not move around too much on the notes and have a comparatively simple rhythm. And while playing the piano requires you to use both your hands simultaneously; if you are new to playing it is best to learn songs that you can realistically play with one hand. Experts state that whenever you are learning any song at any level, it is always advisable to learn each hand separately before you begin playing with both hands together.

What you also need to remember is that you should use the most logical finger on every note. For this, you need to experiment a bit to see what works best to your advantage. After you have found the best finger for each note, so you can get around more easily, ensure that you use the same finger whenever you play the notes.

5 Songs to Learn on the Piano

Given here is a list of 5 easy songs to play on the piano. These are not just simple to learn but also popular. Remember that it is always easier to learn to play songs you have heard previously.


It is a simple and easy melody to play on the piano. Beginners start on this easy tune as a way to get used to the piano keys. All you need to know are the basic keys and you can go ahead and play it using just two fingers.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

This song is very popular, especially with little children. However, adults who are beginning can hugely benefit from learning this song as it helps one learn the basics. What’s more, you remember the song in your head and so it becomes easier to play. You can begin by placing your right thumb on the C note. Remember that you will need to place your fingers above all the notes you need except for the highest note, which will be just a note above your fifth finger.

Happy Birthday

It is a universal favourite. All the more reason you need to learn to play it on the piano. Interestingly it is also a simple song to learn and play. It will make you very popular among friends and family when you play it on the piano and everyone sings along. For this song too, you need to put your right thumb on C with the first half of the song falling nicely under your fingers.

Jingle Bells

This song is again a popular Christmas carol and is one of the easiest piano songs to learn. The reason being that it has a lot of notes that are repeated and practically everyone knows the tune of it. As stated before, knowing a tune always makes it an easier song to learn to play on the piano than having to play a tune you have never heard before. And while the verse of the song is slightly more complicated it is not too hard to learn.


This is a beautiful song by Leonard Cohen and is again one of the easiest songs for beginners. After you have gained mastery over learning to play a few songs using only your right hand, it is time to go further and take the next step which is learning to play using your left hand. Since all music has a base in chords, learning the basic chords using your left hand is a much required next step. It is also a great tool to learn as now you can play any song you like.

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