5 Reasons to Choose Keyboard as Your First Instrument

Playing the piano, like any other musical instrument, offers several advantages. Taking keyboard lessons is a fantastic method to improve your intelligence. Learning to play music enhances a person’s intellect and cognitive abilities. As a result, it is recommended that your children learn to play a musical instrument and begin with the keyboard. It has a big influence on your brain and can help in the long run.


Why Choose Keyboard as Your First Instrument

Here are 5 reasons why the keyboard should be your first instrument:

Learning to Read Music

The keyboard is an excellent instrument for helping students to read music. It’s simpler to perceive the links between pitches in melodies and chords and how they look written down on the staff because of the way a keyboard is laid up. Furthermore, because the keyboard is relatively easy to master, a student may concentrate on learning to read music rather than dealing with difficult techniques.

Versatile Instrument

The flexibility of the keyboard is one of the finest aspects of understanding how to play it. The keyboard, unlike any other instrument, can be played in a band or as a solo instrument.

Solo playing on other instruments isn’t always fun for long periods of time. Playing simply the melody or bass lines of your favorite songs might get tiresome. The keyboard is one instrument that does not require the presence of a band.

In addition, the keyboard can be used to lead or accompany other instruments in a band. A keyboard’s versatility comes from its capacity to play many notes at once.

Builds Coordination

The ability to play melody and accompaniment simultaneously requires coordination between the right and left hands. Playing the keyboard aids in the development of cognitive skills as well as the general functioning of the mind and hands. It also aids in understanding how individual notes combine to form a harmony or a musical composition.

Understanding the Core Elements of Music

Melody, harmony, and rhythm are the three fundamental aspects of music. The keyboard is one of those instruments that use all of these notions as to its foundation. Playing the keyboard requires the ability to combine melody, harmony, and rhythm. As the student practices and plays more, they will be able to distinguish between melody and harmony, how they coexist, and how rhythm is applied to the other two parts.

Range of Pitch

The piano has a far wider range of pitches than most orchestral instruments, with the lowest notes being lower and the highest notes being higher. As a result, both the treble and bass clefs of piano music are written on two staves. Students who can read both clefs will be able to play either a bass or a treble instrument with equal ease.

Whether a music student chooses to learn additional instruments or stick with the keyboard, it is an excellent place to start. Students can spend many pleasant years learning the keyboard since it is so adaptable, and they can continue to progress in their ability to perform more complicated works with elegance and competence. It works as a great foundation for the music.

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