Hindi Songs on Guitar for Beginners: Expectations Vs. Reality

What is the primary motivation for most of us to pick up a guitar?

We aspire to be pop stars, as you may have imagined.

We aspire to be well-known. We aspired to be excellent. We wanted to perform in front of tens of thousands of people at stadiums. Alternatively, we may wow our family and friends during dinner parties. Whatever the cause, we all begin with a certain degree of expectation and end up with a certain level of reality.


When you first pulled up a guitar to learn Hindi songs on a guitar as a beginner, the assumption was that you would quickly perfect the instrument and be on stage, traveling the world, and living the rock and roll lifestyle. I mean it all looks very simple as we see on television right?

We quickly discovered how tough the instrument is to play with any level of expertise after picking up our guitars. It was a great feat to learn how to hold all of our fingers exactly so to make a C chord with no dead notes, only to realise that by the time we had the C chord formed, it was already time to go on to the D on the following bar of the song.

However, regardless of this, the first advantage is that, in comparison to other instruments, the guitar is a reasonably simple instrument to master. It can be difficult at first, but if you get the hang of it, the appropriate procedure becomes second nature very soon.

In Hindi movies, the musical instrument ‘Guitar’ has always been connected with love, passion, and young vitality. From the black-and-white period to the current day, we’ve had a variety of actors and actresses lip-syncing to some fantastic tunes in various scenes throughout our film. Although most Bollywood songs begin with the performer strumming the guitar, the strumming seldom continues throughout the song. For the rest of the song, many an actor/actress simply tossed the guitar and began dancing. Learning to play Bollywood and Hindi songs on a guitar is not at all what it seems in movies.

It takes time to learn how to play the guitar. To achieve steady development with the guitar, you’ll need to devote a large amount of time to it. If this is a hobby you like, though, forcing oneself to practise every day won’t be too tough.

When it comes to learning Hindi tunes, you have the option of learning acoustic, telecoustic, or electric instruments. You may choose whether you want to concentrate on learning basic chords, fingerpicking, power chords, or anything else. You don’t need any prior knowledge of music theory to learn guitar chords, which is a godsend for those who didn’t grow up playing an instrument.

Every songwriter, irrespective of the instrument, has come to the realisation at some moment in their career that the reality of playing guitar is more often than not ending up in a Bollywood bar with your friends, or attempting to play on Sunday mornings with Chai and mountain views, or perhaps never getting to play in front of individuals and instead playing for your own happiness at home.

While there is nothing wrong with playing at this level, it is crucial to realise that making it big requires a lot of hard work and devotion; it is not something that can be accomplished overnight, in a week, or even in a year. It’s possible that it won’t happen at all.

But do not worry.

Regardless of getting famous for our instrument, we are all driven to it for another reason: the love we acquire for it as we play it, study it, and get to know it better than almost anything else. Many musicians like their instruments and take advantage of any opportunity to perform them.

So go ahead and play! It’s all okay if your expectations and reality don’t match. You can continue to learn and improve your talent.

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