How Can I Make Practicing Scales More Interesting?

Playing the scales plays a very crucial role when it comes to musical expression. It is considered to be the vocabulary in the music language.  Also, different kinds of scales tend to produce different sounds and if it is used in an effective manner, it can generate a great emotional response from the listeners.

Unfortunately, it is seen that a number of people tend to practice scales without having a proper understanding of the things that they wish to achieve. Further, practicing scales holds importance for a number of reasons but if you don’t know such reasons, then translating hours of practice put in would be quite difficult.

So, it is very important that you start to practice with concise and clear objectives. Other than this, you can join an online music course such that you can learn to play scales in a very easy manner.

Why Practicing Scales is Very Important?

The first and most important thing is that you would grasp the scale sound. This would arguably help you out in constructing the melodies as all the melodies are based on scales.

Other than this, the transcribing process would be boosted as you would know the scale that is used.

Lastly, practicing the scales would build up accuracy and dexterity in your fingers.

Also, there are different kinds of scales present so it better that you grasp knowledge about 1-2 scales in the right manner rather than learning a lot of scales.

How to Make Practicing Scales More Interesting?

So, in this blog, we would discuss how you can make practicing scales a lot more interesting. Let us begin:

Writing Them Out

Try to make practicing scales a lot more fun and creative. The scale needs to be expressed visually such that you can appreciate the music in the right way. Moreover, if you start getting interactive when it comes to scales, then the understanding about them would be a lot more strengthened.

Try Practicing the Scales With a Click Track or Metronome

When it comes to practicing scales, then it is important that scale’s tempo is varied. You need to play them at half notes, whole notes, and so on.

Other than this, what you can possibly do is try playing a few notes and then take a pause. After this, you can start to prepare for the upcoming notes.

It is very important that you slow down as you would be able to focus on the placement of hand & tone.

Besides this, you can try speeding up on different occasions, such that you get used to physical technique when the pace is fast.

Make It More Musical

To begin with, you can pick up the song which is your favorite. It is not necessary that it has to be classical music. Just make sure that the tune is simple and it can possibly be any song.

Try placing the scale while you are focusing totally on it and make sure that you transpose it while you play the next song. All you need to do is focus on your fingers while you are playing. Further, you will notice that your technique has improved a lot over a period of time.

Try to Get Jazzy

It is not necessary to stick with just minor scale or major scale. You can even try using some modal scales. They would indeed challenge your skills as well as help in expanding the skills that you might be having. Besides, if you want to test yourself to the next level, then try chromatic scales as it would help to master the pitch that you might be having.


In the above paragraphs, we have already discussed adding pauses & tempo when it comes to playing the scales. Some of the other aspects that you can use is using different bowings & hand placements.

You can play with the bridge closed to the bow and try moving it near your fingerboard. You simply have to noodle with the notes that are present in the scale. Moreover, try to spend the time on this and in this way, you would be able to explore the scale possibilities.

Play the Scales While Your Eyes are Closed

If you want to make learning the scales a lot more interesting, then try to make it unexpected. The reason is that it is the monotony that makes it boring. So, begin by memorizing the scales while the eyes are closed.

In this way, you would be able to focus on different parts of the scales when you are playing and reading.


If you want to excel at anything, then you would need to put in the necessary hard work. So, it is important to play scales in an engaging and fun way such that you fall in love with it. Thus, if you want to do so, then it is important to join an online music course where you can learn t o play music and scales in a hassle-free manner.

One such website where you can learn is Music Pandit. They have a platform that tends to deliver the best-in-class music experience to the learners. The best part is that this platform is for music enthusiasts who want to learn music in an engaging way.


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