How to Become a Freelance Musician

While there’s always a need for musicians, given the nature of the music industry, most musicians do not work with a single employer every day of the week. Instead, most of them earn their living by taking up freelancing opportunities from different employers.

Given below are some steps that you could follow to become a freelance musician.

Record Your Music

Irrespective of whether you are a vocalist or an instrumentalist, one of the best ways you can start off being a freelance musician is by recording yourself. Keep this recording handy as one never knows when opportunities arise and someone might want to see a digital demonstration of your talent.

While these recordings do not need to be professionally recorded, they must clearly convey your talent to the listener. So make sure that the pieces or songs you record demonstrate you’re very best. You can also try to stand out by recording in a variety of genres and styles so that the listener notices your versatility. After recording yourself ensure that these are accessible by posting them on platforms like Soundcloud or YouTube or even on your website or social media channels.

Create Your Own Social Media Channels

Considering that social media seems to be taking over the world today if you want to be noticed you need to create profiles on most if not all social media channels. This helps people find you! And if you have personal accounts on these social media platforms, create new ones for your music. Experts recommend that you create profiles on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and suggest that you keep all the handles the same for consistency and to be taken more seriously.

After this, make sure that you post regularly. You can begin by posting just once a week initially. Later as your platform grows you can commit to posting twice or thrice a week. Make your posts aesthetic and consistent so that you can establish your brand through them. Do post videos and photos of yourself so that when visitors come to your page they get convinced of your skills as a musician.

Build a Website for Yourself

A website gives you a more professional image and gets you bookings as well. There are a lot of free website building tools available that are extremely user-friendly. They come with ready-made design features like built-in templates, themes, images and art. For a custom domain, you might have to spend a bit but it will be worth it.

Once your website has been created you can share videos of your music on it, build a booking or contact system, share information about your accomplishments and yourself and keep people updated about your upcoming and current events. You can also sell merchandise and music on your website as well as a link to all your other social media platforms through it. Having a website helps you stay organised and fosters connections with potential employers, clients and fans.

Your Need to Network

Networking is vital in the music industry and very necessary if you want to find success. So where can you start? Well, music competitions, musical events and music conferences are fantastic places to begin. Make sure that while attending either of these you speak to businesses, event coordinators, conductors and others you can engage with, in conversation.

Talk to them about yourself as a musician. Additionally, try and connect with the music studios in your locality and other musicians you can collaborate with. Also, touch base with music businesses and teachers around you. While it may take many meetings with many people before you find the right opportunities, eventually through trial and error you will get there.

You Need to Self Promote

You can self-promote online and in person. The latter is done by speaking to as many people as possible who can help you get work. Subtly talk about your skills and versatility. You can make a great impression on these people simply by being prepared.

You can do so by having your business card ready, keeping your recordings in hand, being prepared to perform at a minute’s notice and by asking others for their business cards as well, so you can reconnect with them later.


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