How to Create Hype Before Releasing New Music

Creating hype before releasing new music is necessary and it can make your album or songs very successful. Considering all the effort you have taken into creating a song, you will want the maximum number of people to find it when it arrives.

Preparing for the release day hype is therefore vital and there are many ways in which you can achieve it.

Make Sure You Upload Your Music Early

The faster you upload your music to your distributor, the more amount of time you will have to run a fruitful promotional campaign in the run-up to your drop release. Veterans in the sphere suggest uploading between four to six weeks ahead of your scheduled release date. Many artists also upload their tracks many months in advance. If you like you could also create a release plan for the whole year while uploading different releases due to drop across every month of the year.

Pitch Your Release for Playlists

You can pitch your release directly to the official playlist editors of Spotify once it is in their system. You can choose well in advance of your release date to pitch through Spotify for Artists. However, considering that Spotify’s editors are pitched over thousand tracks every week, you need to make yours stand out for them to pay attention.

It is Vital That You Share Your Pre-save Link

When people pre-save and pre-order your release it can make a huge difference to the download and stream numbers on your release day. Also note that when users pre-save your music on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify, their algorithm notices it. This improves your chances of showing up on algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly and Release Radar.

Come up with Teasers for Your Music Release

Why not gift your followers and fans with a peek at your new release before it comes out. You can easily post a 15 to 20-second snippet of your musical track or provide an insider view of your album artwork as a teaser. You can use software like After Effects or Adobe Premiere to produce excellent video teasers. Make sure your teasers tell the story behind your music.

Every single album, chord and song have a story to tell and you will benefit by sharing it with your fans and audiences. Make the story about your new music release unique and interesting. You can talk about what inspired you to write music.

Where were you when you recorded and wrote the music? What were the ideas behind your music and the connection between you, your bandmates, collaborators and instruments? While in the end, your music will speak for itself, telling your story makes your promotional efforts genuine and personal.

Make Sure That Your Profile is Updated

You require to ensure that all your social media accounts and streaming platforms are updated and carrying your latest press shots and artwork. See to it that you have updated your header images and plugged your upcoming tracks. It has been observed on Twitter that some artists even change their names to that of their latest release in the days ahead of their music launch.

Securing Press Coverage is Important

Coming up with a great Public Relations campaign always helps as it has a wider circulation and reaches out to an audience that might otherwise have missed your release. Make sure that you have a great new bio of yourself and a well-written press release that is ready to go. You can include in it an announcement of your music release with a link to it, alongside your band bio and contact information.

You can upload your release as an unlisted YouTube video or Soundcloud link and then send it to all the press, magazine and television journalists, radio hosts, playlist curators and music bloggers you know of a few weeks ahead of your release date.

You Can Organise an Online Event

You can organise a release show to create a buzz around your new track among fans. You can also always Livestream your release and reach fans without leaving your home or making them leave theirs.


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