How to Choose the Best Digital Piano for Beginners?

Are you planning to purchase a Digital Piano? The world of Musical Instruments can be at times, very confusing and overwhelming, not just for experienced musicians, but also for the beginners.

Here, all your questions about choosing the perfect digital Piano will be answered.

Tips for Choosing the Best Digital Piano for Beginners

Here are some important things you need to know when considering purchasing a digital piano.

1) Keys and Materials

It is important to note that the Keys on your digital piano will play a huge role in whether you want to purchase one or not. You will need to choose the best quality keyboard and its a good idea to visit your nearby music store for recommendations.

Consideration of the materials is also essential when buying a digital piano for beginners. Cheap models have plastic keys, while expensive ones have ivory keys. For beginners, it is good to have a Piano that has touch sensitivity.

2) Portability and Location for Piano

Portability is another aspect you need to consider, while choosing a digital Piano. If you’re going to move around from one place to another (or travel) with this digital Piano, then you will have to choose a Piano that is lightweight and does not weigh a ton.

In this case, a cabinet style digital Piano will not be a good option for you. Also, before buying a new digital piano get the exact dimensions and think of a place where you are going to place it. It is crucial to keep the Piano in a suitable location, preferably not near sunlight or excess humidity.

3) Sound

The quality of the sound is an important element of digital Pianos. You need to pay attention to the sound of the digital piano of your choice. While speakers are the main output of your piano, it is good to consider if this will suit your needs. If you are going to perform in front of a big audience after some years, then external speakers are the right fit for you.

4) Style

Digital Pianos always come in three different categories of styles: slab, console and grand. Now, it depends on you which instrument best suits you. A slab piano is simply one without a stand. A console piano consists of a keyboard with a stand, that contains a pedal and an in- built assembly. These Pianos are ideal for posh homes. The Grand Piano is one that is used in elegant surroundings and is very expensive for the common people. So, choose wisely.

5) Headphones and Vocal Support

Sound quality and comfort are two important things when buying a digital Piano. Most people who purchase a digital piano go in for basic Headphones, so that the sound does not disturb anyone, especially in home surroundings. These headphones ensure that you can practice in privacy.

Hence, all digital pianos come with headphone jacks. Besides, most digital pianos have an exclusive microphone connection that you can use to sing while playing. For beginners, this is a great way to enhance one’s voice.

6) Computer Connectivity and Drive Storage

One of the most important benefits of digital Pianos is that they can be connected to computers. This can help you to record, notate and write music. Besides, it can be beneficial to playing duets or practicing with a person who is in a different location globally.

Digital Pianos also communicate to each other through via a technology Musical Instrument Digital Interface, also called MIDI. This basically helps music composed on one digital Piano to sound more or less the same when played on another. The USB flash drives are another part of every digital piano. This allows you to store recorded music and files safely without any hassle.

7) Educational Support

Some digital pianos come with additional educational support. Teaching apps and DVD’s are an integral part of this support. These can be very useful for beginners, especially as a substitute for music teachers.

There are various factors that go into the decisions while choosing the perfect digital piano. Hopefully, this blog article has helped you to find the peculiarities of the digital piano and choose the instrument that’s good for you.


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