How to Improve Your Stage Presence as a Performer?

For an artist, having a strong stage presence matters a lot. This is what keeps them moving and reaching the top while attaining fame and popularity. Despite having enough talent we often find artists not finding popularity and fail to snatch the attention of the public. This is because they somewhere lack in having strong and fine stage presence.

Here in this article, we have covered a couple of the points that can be beneficial for someone to attain a good stage presence as a performer.

Improve Your Stage Presence with These Tips

Stage presence is the energy and vibe that a performer spreads while performing on the stage among the audiences. This is the positivity and energy that differs from performer to performer and this is what helps an artist in conquering the fans or followings and this is what audiences cherish as being the spectators in front of the stage.

Have a Unique Representation

Even if you are someone performing on a stage in a group with your team still have a unique image that will be only yours and you’ll be remembered with it after leaving the stage. Don’t try to hide behind and think you alone can’t change the game as you are on the stage with a group in an orchestra, or a music concert or any stage performance.

Although you shall also not try to copy or replica anyone while performing. Remember you are unique in your way and you carry the skills and talent that no one earlier had and no one further will have. Stay different and try to have one exceptional and unique image in the van of the audiences.

Stay Comfortable

Show that you are enough passionate and stay free on the stage. This is the major key that everyone needs to know. You shall have all the confidence and comfort with your stage. Consider the stage your own place and let the audience realize that you are moving fine with your talent.

There is a connection between how a performer breaths and how they present the art. You can judge even your own performance while you are panicked and not breathing well. This shall be considered while performing. Always stay comfortable and be aware of your breathing and body movements on the stage. Remember, this matters a lot!

Try to Connect with the Audiences

Do you think if you are just with your instrument in the background of the stage you will be able to create a unique and exclusive image or strong stage presence? No! To do that, you shall come out of your comfort zone and try to connect with the audience as much as you can. When you connect with your audiences then only you can expect a similar response from their side then only they will be able to connect with you and can feel your presence.

Be Free to Show Your Passion on the Stage

When you are displaying art on the stage you shall feel and live the moment. It is more about just the performance, this shall be considered like you are somewhere standing in your comfortable place with your peers and family or friends and you are reciting your own story and your tale.

Try connecting with the people listening and looking at you, make eye contact and acknowledge their presence and the response they are giving. Also, on the other hand, let the public feel and live the story you have recited and declaimed, let the audience enjoy your unique passion for the art. Let the audience sense the way you are feeling.


Creating a strong stage image as a performer is not an easy task and it does require a little time. However, you can notice the changes from the first day. Note down your goals while considering the above-mentioned steps and start taking small steps towards having a great stage presence.


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