How to Sing and Play Guitar at the Same Time

Guitar has been recognized as one of the most popular and finest musical instruments and it calls for a lot of hard work, patience and dedication to learn this musical apparatus. However, if you are one of those guitarists who are willing to play guitar and sing at the same time, we’ve got a guide to help you in this musical endeavor.

Here in this article, we have mentioned some of the common and integral steps to know while playing the guitar and singing at the same time.

Tips to Sing and Play Guitar at the Same Time

Playing an instrument and singing at the same time makes the entire performance amazing and adds stars to the show. Depending on the practice and the experience, playing and singing at the same time can be easily covered.

To help in such a scenario, we have taken some of the integral steps into consideration, if you are a beginner and willing to perform both the activities together on your Guitar, we recommend following each step deliberately.

1. Begin with an Easy Song

Even if you are good at playing the guitar and find yourself on an advanced level, still began the journey with an easy song. Pick out a song with three or four chords in total. The major goal here is to multitask and it won’t be possible if you start with the tough lyrics and song. You won’t even feel comfortable playing and it will result in de-motivation. Thus, we highly recommend selecting the easy song and move ahead.

2. Make Use of a Metronome

A metronome is something that presents a constant beat that helps a guitarist keeping in time with the song as he plays.

Moreover, as a beginner, once a guitarist and musician set up singing and playing the guitar altogether, the first thing to suffer is frequently those beats. Having a metronome handy allows them in analyzing when the performance is getting out of time so that you can hastily accurate it.

Another good trick is to tap the feet accordingly. With a good dose of practice, toe and foot end up acting as your metronome helping in maintaining the accuracy of time.

3. Practice Counting the Beat Loudly

When a Guitarist gets comfortable employing the metronome, he shall try counting those beats loudly while playing the song on the instrument. It is not about vocal melody but practising and allowing the brain to multitask. It is about preparing the brain to sing and play the instrument simultaneously. We also recommend taking help from the listener, asking someone to listen to you here and ask if he could identify the time you’ve slipped out. Or you can simply record your performance and analyze it later.

4. Hum the Vocal Melody While Playing the Guitar and Memorize the Lyrics Well

To ease the work one can practice while humming the vocal melody also, we would ask to learn and memorize the lyrics well. With a good dose of practice, you will ultimately become comfortable and will find it easy to sing and play the guitar at the same time.


Practice, practice, and practice! One of the most integral steps to follow is to practice enough so that in the end your brain and hands get coordinated with each other, resulting in effortless performances. Here in this article, we have mentioned some of the integral steps to follow when you wish to learn to play the guitar and sing the song simultaneously.

We considered some of the common and easy steps like, humming the vocal melody and tapping the feet accordingly. To improve your performance while playing the guitar and singing simultaneously, we highly suggest you follow each step wisely.


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