Independent Musicians: Things to Keep in Mind For Releasing an Album

Releasing an album as an independent artist in the modern world is no less than a rigorous process of job-hunting. I’m sure even Pink Floyd before dropping their first album had to go through the excruciating process of penning down a song to become a cult symbol. However, having a proper roadmap and guidance proves extremely beneficial when out in the gigantic world of art and artists.

Artists no longer need to rely on any third-party music labels or organizations to get published, they can do it all on their own, thanks to digitalization. The process of getting the songs out in public and reachable to millions is where the beauty of an artist lies. The listing below are a bunch of tips curated to guide you in the process of getting your album available to the masses.

Album is Copyrighted

Make sure that your album is copyrighted: Before even making the world aware of your talent, it is necessary to get your album copyrighted by following the simple procedures of filing an application to finish off some formalities and getting the registration granted. This makes sure that no one is able to use your music without you being notified and hence you are paid accordingly.

Use of the Social Media Platform

Make extensive use of the social media platform: There is absolutely no better way to have all of the world grooves to your music than releasing it on any social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram or TikTok.

One of the most promising ways to remain relevant in this domain is however by staying relevant and dropping albums on a regular basis. For more information regarding this, try checking out how to release an album.


It becomes necessary for an artist to reach out to some small distribution agencies who are willing to cater to the needs and also help in planning the release of the album in a systematic way. Certain distributors like CD Baby, One RPM or something comparable, send your music to various streaming platforms.

If the need is that of a physical collection, you would want to approach a pressing plant or a company that copies cassette tapes. They offer templates for the artwork and a few application forms to be signed by you. Once the payment gets done, the album is shipped and ready to be released.

Individual Strategies

Another very important quality is to observe other artists by paying close attention to their individual strategies while releasing an album. You need not be associated with any big million-dollar music labels but what can be studied is the strategies these houses follow in order to release their album.

Try Creating a Website

Creating a website or a blog related to your music will help various agencies come across your content and open future prospects for you. Further, this will give an upcoming musician like you to stay in touch with your audience and track the analytics.

Reach Out to Content Creators

Try reaching out to a few content creators on social media platforms who would be willing to collaborate with you and in turn urge their viewers and consumers to consume your content. This will help create a healthy, positive promotional strategy.

The only drawback to self-releasing your music is the challenge of getting it listened to by potential fans. However, you used great care and imagination while composing and recording your melodies. Have the same approach along with your album release technique.

Starting out with a roadmap and striking a chord with the audience is what is necessary to kickstart a career as an independent artist. Above all, communicate together with your audience members through the tunes you compose.


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