Learn to Play Keyboard Online – 9 Best Tips for Beginners

If you have always admired the tune of a piano or seen someone playing it flawlessly, chances are you will love to learn the same. However, playing this instrument can be both easy and “not your cup of tea” simultaneously. Only if you have ever wanted to play the keyword, you can take the chance of learning the same. Thankfully with technology, you can now learn to play keyboard online.

As a beginner, you can rely on this guide which is suitable for all ages. Begin with the most basic things that you should know about the keyboard.

Nine Tips to Learn the Keyboard

Here are nine tips that you should follow, before starting to learn the piano and during your course.

1. Get a Keyboard Bench

Keyboard Bench
While this may sound very basic and you might be thinking you can use an existing chair to do so, the experts say there is a role for the bench. A bench allows you a proper posture which is not possible to attain using a chair.

2. Position Yourself

Keyboard Playing Posture

The right posture is to sit on the front of the bench with your feet placed flat on the ground. This will allow free movement of your body. Also, mind the height of the bench so that there is a small gap between your knees and the keyboard. Keep the keyboard at a comfortable distance.

3. Learn to Position Your Hands and Arms

Hands and Arms Position for Playing Keyboard

Relax your hands and then place them on the keyboard right at your front. Keep your wrist and forearms straight and loose. Do not twist the wrist.

4. Rules for the Black Keys

Black Keys Rules

While placing the fingers on the keyboard, move the fingertips inside the black keys. Use the black keys as a guide in spite of moving your fingers right and forth to the white keys. Use your padded part of the fingers instead of fingertips.

5. Groups on the Keyboard

Groups on the Keyboard
There are seven musical note alphabets: A, B, C, D, E, F and G. After the note G, the alphabet begins all over again. Here are some rules to find the keys:

  • To find A, find the group of three black keys and A is between the second and third black keys.
  • Also, initially, you can choose to mark your keys until you have learnt them by heart. Take small pieces of paper, write the alphabets and stick them to the respected keys until you learn them.

6. The C Scale

Note C is an important and central note and learning it is crucial too. It is the white key that lies to the left of a group of two black keys. Each C note is termed as an Octave or eight notes.

7. The F Chord

Besides the C note, it is important to learn the F note as well. The F note is found before the group of three black keys. This is the easiest way to remember the F note.

8. Practice Reading Musical Notes

Knowing how to read the musical note will make things way easier for you if you aspire to learn to play keyboard online. Piano music is easy to read. It is written in standard musical notation that has five lives. The lines are provided to help you distinguish between the different notes, namely whole notes, half and quarter notes. The different notes are written as:

  • The whole note is a dot having an empty middle.
  • The addition of an arm-stretching to it in an upward direction makes it a half note.
  • The quarter note is the same as the half note but with a filled dot.

9. Playing Different Notes

As it is said, practice is the key, it truly is. You will need to give it a defined schedule with which you can practice it daily. Try to play different notes, each at a time and then slowly learn to combine them to play a rhythm. Although this is not as easy as it may sound, you will have to give yourself into it to learn to play keyboard online.

Playing Different Notes on the Piano

Moreover, there are many online platforms that will help you learn to play keyboard online at home. All you will need is a smart device to help you connect with the tutorials to play the keyword. Also, choosing the right platform to learn to play keyboard online is very crucial. Once you come across the right platform, you are good to go. Start with learning the keys first and then proceed slowly, one thing at a time. You can also seek the help of an expert.

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