Live Stream Your Music: A Guide for Musicians From Music Pandit

Music has always remained integrated with our lives since the past ages. We have surpassed the darkest times and enjoyed the happiest moments always with music. Music can unite numerous people and bring peace to their lives, despite the hopelessness. With the development of technologies, you as a musician have an outstanding opportunity to live stream your music and share it with the entire world.

Through live streaming, you can record and simultaneously broadcast your music live. In this article, we will explain some valuable guidance on live stream your music by the expert musicians of Music Pandit.

Ways to Get Ready for Live Streaming

Through live streaming, nobody can prevent you from coming on live and managing everything. But your loyal viewers will never be pleased about the failures. Thus, the experienced musicians of Music Pandit have shared some of the secret tips to get ready for live streaming.

Plan out the Live Stream

If you have some specific songs or music pieces that you will perform during the live stream, the best will be to practice them a few times beforehand. You can also create a reminder of the entire playlist. A well-planned stream will release all the needless tensions.

Check out Your Dress and Appearance

Appearance is significant while you are live streaming your music. Not only a good-looking and clean appearance will attract more viewers, but it will emphasize your commitment to your music as well. Thus ensure that you look the best during your broadcast sessions.

A Quiet Surrounding

A high-standard microphone can pick every sound in the background. Thus always plan to go live stream from a surrounding where there will be much less ambient noise. No one will be interested to hear the sound of a baby crying or a large truck passing by while you are busy live streaming to the audience.

Warm Yourself Up Before a Live Stream

Another significant idea of making your live stream an instant hit is to warm yourself up before live streaming. Based on the music you will create, you can play the instruments or carry some exercises for your voice.

Ensure Everything is on Point Before Hitting the Start Button

Double-check every setup and plan to ensure everything is perfect before starting the live stream. Everything should be working smoothly, the sound should be clean, and the picture should be crystal clear. It is significant to examine what your viewers will be going to watch and listen to.

Top Platforms to Live Stream Your Talent

ith the growing popularity of live streaming among musicians and singers, there are numerous platform alternatives to select from to host your program. Thus it can be quite overwhelming on where and in which platform to begin. There are both free and paid platforms for live streaming. But since most of the people are novices while live-streaming their music, we will discuss only the free options here.

1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest free platforms for going live. Every celebrity, artist, or musician has appeared here at one time or the other. You can come live on YouTube, do your live concerts or interact directly with your viewers by streaming a question and answer session.

2. Facebook

Facebook is another platform that is giving a tough competition to YouTube in live streaming of various genres. Many people are showcasing their talents by going live either from their official page or their profile. So this is the perfect time to join this party and be heard.

3. Instagram

The Instagram live streaming process is already dominating this sector. Already world-class artists like John Legend and Coldplay are using this platform to arrange home concerts through Instagram live. All you have to do is take your smartphone, tap some buttons, and boom! You will be live.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after going through all of the above tips and guidance from the specialized musicians from Music Pandit, you have a clear idea of how to live Stream Your Music on various platforms. You will need a smartphone, laptop, or a PC with advanced technology and webcam, microphone, musical instruments, and a live streaming application to go on air. So all the best and start broadcasting your talent to the world!


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