The 6 Simplest Songs You Can Play as a Beginner on the Piano

One of the most appealing aspects of playing the piano is how quick and simple it is to get started. Unlike string instruments, where you must first learn how to fret or pluck strings with your hands, you can begin playing the piano by simply pressing the appropriate keys. That means there are a plethora of simple piano tunes and songs available to learn right now.

The following is a list of five simple piano songs that beginners could learn to play:

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday is not only a fun song to learn since it’s simple, but it’s also one of the most practical pieces of piano music! When it’s someone’s birthday, get everyone to sing along. You never know when you’ll need this song! This piano music can do the trick whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just seeking a piano song for youngsters to practice.

Swan Lake Theme – Tchaikovsky

Tchaikovsky’s iconic ballet’s main tune is instantly recognizable and easier to play than you would imagine! You should be able to quickly get into the groove of things as it uses a lot of repetition.
The right and left hands are very evenly distributed throughout the composition. Although you’ll have to play with both hands in a few spots, the notes flow into each other so easily that you’ll be whizzing through them in no time. This song is an excellent tune to show off your emotional expressiveness once you’ve mastered the rhythms.

Fur Elise – Beethoven

When most individuals learn that they can perform a Beethoven tune as one of the first in their repertoire, they are ecstatic. The famous composer’s love ballad, Fur Elise, has a remarkably basic motif running through it. It’s always a good time to learn and play this song. The most fun aspect of performing this song is that, once you’ve mastered it and can play it effectively, you can gradually add more notes to make it sound better.

Jingle Bells

You might feel silly studying Jingle Bells for 11 months of the year, but knowing a festive tune comes in handy when the holidays arrive. Learning a few festive songs is usually a good idea, and “Jingle Bells” is guaranteed to put you in the Christmas spirit. Allow yourself to go wild with these simple piano songs, and you’ll find yourself wanting to decorate the Christmas tree and hang the wreath before you know it.


This is such a great tune for beginners. Chopsticks are one of the most well-known beginning piano tunes. Millions of people are likely to have learned chopsticks as their first piano piece. While many people are familiar with this song, it still has the ability to astonish others who are unfamiliar with how to play it. It’s easy, but it’s effective, and it’ll have you sounding terrific in no time.

Remember to take it slow and gently at first. You don’t have to memorize the entire song in one sitting. Even if it takes you a whole week, it will be well worth it when you can “awe” your friends with your new piano talents. Taking one piece at a time is the greatest approach to learning a new song.


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