Types of Pianos Explained

The piano is a musical instrument that fabricates sound via vibrating the strings that run across a soundboard in the instrument. When a player presses the piano keys, they trigger a felted hammer to strike a string. This hammer hit causes the string to vibrate, producing the modern piano sound.

Owing to its unusual anatomy, the piano has also been classified as a percussion instrument, although beneath the Hornbostel-Sachs system of classification, pianos are assembled with chordophones.

Here in this brief article, we have considered speaking about various types of pianos and how they are unique in their way.

There are different types of pianos from baby grand piano that has been designed to produce a large sound in a small space to a Concert grand piano: A concert grand has been recognized as a full-sized baby grand, with larger strings, a larger soundboard, and a more booming sound and Upright piano which is a vertical piano that is unique and produces a way too different sound from the rest.

Different Types of Piano

Nowadays, there are a lot of pianos and types of piano categories accessible and the musician opt between many different types of pianos, each with its exclusive structure and function.

Baby Grand Piano

The baby grand piano, as the name specifies, is the type of piano that produces a large and high-level sound that too with a restricted and small outlined format. This is the type of pianos that often range in length from five to seven feet, which fits many living rooms. A particularly long baby grand piano is also known and referred to as the “parlour grand” or “medium grand” Piano.

Concert Grand Piano

This is also a kind of baby grand piano and concert grand piano has also been referred to as the full-sized version of the baby grand piano. Most of the music professionals and enthusiasts today, have to stumble upon the concert grand pianos as part of a symphony orchestra, chiefly as part of a piano concerto with a featured soloist. Also, on the other hand, large recording studios hold and keep a concert grand on hand as an official studio piano.

Upright Piano

An upright piano is a perpendicular shaped and outlined piano. The pianists and the professionals play it the alike way as a grand piano, but its resonant component “strings, soundboard, piano action dampers” run upright. This allows the piano to fit in smaller spaces like rehearsal studios at music schools. Today most of the musicians initially take piano lessons on upright pianos but may play recitals on a baby grand or concert grand.


The spinet pianos have been recognized as classified as the smaller version of an upright piano. It has an equal structure and outline as the upright pianos. This type of pianos on the other hand has been designed with a length of just three feet tall.

Console Piano

A console piano plays the role of mediator and covers the gap between a spinet and a standard upright piano. Most of the console pianos have been designed to range in size from 40 to 44 inches tall. Although, these types of pianos are reasonably priced than spinets categories of the pianos and more compact than a traditional upright.

Player Piano

This is one of the rare types of pianos nowadays. The player pianos are the format of an automated piano. Usually, the player piano’s proprietor would plan it by loading the player piano with a piano roll where a punch-hole form of sheet music. However, today, Player pianos can be programmed digitally without the need for a physical piano roll.

Electric Piano

These types of piano have been also known as the digital piano or synthesizer, this musical instrument follows the timbre of an acoustic piano. However, an electronic piano produces sounds electronically without vibrating those attached piano strings. Also, on the other hand, this category of the piano can manage MIDI instruments and create orchestral sounds using a digital computing language.


There are multiple types of pianos accessible today and each one comes with unique features, here in this blog we spoke about some of the common and most recognized kinds of pianos accessible today.


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